Happy Halloween Psychic Sale This Weekend Only

As a professional psychic and soul communicator, I receive a huge amount of email reading purchases.  They are mostly about love, sex, romance, lost loves and  soul mates; so in honor of Halloween, I have  slashed my prices on specific email readings on both my websites. Check out the sales at Pink Chick Psychic for email, phone and reiki healings Check out the sales at Nice Jewish Psychic Healer (my other site) for.. Read More

Welcome All New Subscribers To My Blog

Greetings from the Pink Chick! You Rock!  The Pink Chick is thrilld that you are here. This blog is all about love, sex and romance BABY!  Grab a cup of coffee, kick of your shoes and stay awhile. Your blog is my blog. We’re all here to help eachother grow and glow, so please feel free to comment. Sending Pink Kisses to you all. xoxoxoxo

The Night That Time Stood Still

I wrote this a few years back, and I just had to share it with all of you. ENJOY! Yes, Oh Yes, it’s me, your soul partner. Do you remember?   We meet, two lost souls, and our eyes connect and everything, the earth, the world, the universe, the people in it all disappear. And it’s just you and me. I remember. Do you? It’s the the night when time stood still. It.. Read More

What Does Success Taste Like To You?

 Success is a feeling within us, and when we feel success, we taste it. It could be your love life, your sex life, your financial life, your career, etc. Success is scrumptiously delicious, and it is what WE believe individually what success tastes like AND FEELS LIKE. If we can literally “taste” success what would it taste like to you? For me, it would taste like chocolate; however, for you, success could taste.. Read More

My Dream Last Night

I just woke up with a very intense and clear dream that I had last night. In the dream, I was invited to two on the spot weddings on the same day at the same time. One was an invitation from a friend of mine for a luncheon to celebrate her “spontaneous” nuptuals with her long time live in boyfriend, and the other  invitation was  from a woman I barely know to go.. Read More

I Would Date Me

  I woke up this morning asking myself the following questions: “Would I date me? Would I want to cuddle with me. Would I want to kiss me? Would I want to have great morning sex with me?” “Would I want to exclusively date me?” “Would I want to live with me?” The answer was and still is  “HELL YES!!!” I am not your average “Josephine” (so to speak). I am unique and.. Read More

Part 2 -Sleepless In Florida Feeling Someone’s Energy

PLEASE HIT THE COMMENT BUTTON BELOW IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SHARE ABOUT FEELING SOMEONE’S ENERGY. DO YOU KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS THINKING OF YOU? Before I go into my story, I want to explain that I describe the intense energy that occurs between soul mates, lovers, ex lovers, etc. while they are thinking of eachother as SOFTNESS. This is Part 2 Of How To Know When Someone Is Thinking Of you. Before.. Read More

An Affirmation By Catherine Ponder Changed My Life


In the early 90’s, I repeated an affirmation that I got out of Catherine Ponder’s affirmation book “Open your mind to receive”. Keep in mind that I replaced Christ in me with God in me.   GOD IN ME NOW FREES ME OF ALL RESENTMENT OR ATTACHMENT TOWARD OR FROM PEOPLE, PLACES OR THINGS OF THE PAST OR PRESENT. I AM NOW IN MY TRUE PLACE WITH THE TRUE PEOPLE AND MY TRUE.. Read More

Sharing Your Sacred Space With A Lover

IF YOU HAVE ANY SACRED SPACE STORIES, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THEM AS WELL AS MY BLOG READERS. WE ARE ALL HERE TO HELP EACHOTHER. At the end of this blog, I have quoted a very special prayer  by Marianne Williamson in her book “Illuminata”. This prayer will help you to heal your fear of intimacy, so that you can share your sacred space with a lover or future.. Read More