My Suppression Of Power Dream

  Linda Kaye Psychic Medium & Dream Coach www.pinkchickpsychic.comMy Kindle Ebook Soul Mate Series Last night, I programmed my dreams  with Archangel Raziel, my Dream Doula and my Soul for the specific purpose of cutting the cords of the vow that my soul made in a past life as she was passing on. The vow that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my soul made in transition was the.. Read More

The Writing On The Chalkboard Dream

  What a wonderful dream journey I had last night. I am so grateful to my Dream Guides for being there for me every night and for the powerful and enlightening night dreams that I have been having. I decided to unravel the mystery of the trapped emotions in my body even further last night; so I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael. I asked them to.. Read More

My Trapped Emotions Dream

I am blessed to be a dreamer. Yes, I dream every night, and I have taught myself how to have vibrant colorful clear dreams every night and how to remember my dreams. All you have to do is ask.  In a Dream Coaching session with me, I can guide YOU in learning how to program your dreams, how to remember your dreams and how to lucid dream for a specific issue, goal or.. Read More

My Overcrowded Pain In The Ass Dream

Last night, in my dream programming ritual, I called my Dream Doula, my Soul and Archangel Raziel into my dreams. My intention was to continue my dream work in finding where the vows of poverty began in my past lives and my ancestorial line; then cutting those cords permanently in all directions and dimensions of time. I also asked for the continuation of guidance and lighting my path to greater wealth and success.. Read More

The Man From India, The Vow Of Poverty And The Fairy Dream

  The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams On my dream journey last night, I programmed my dreams with my chosen Dream Guides, my  Dream Doula, my Soul  and Archangel Raziel.  I always include my Dream Doula and my Soul in my dreams; however, this time I invited Archangel Raziel for the specific purpose of seeing and visiting my past lifetimes in which I made vows of .. Read More

A Coat, $50 and a Hard Boiled Egg Dream

      Last night, I  PROGRAMMED MY DREAMS with my DREAM DOULA, my SOUL and my INNER CHILD.  I asked my chosen DREAM GUIDES  to work with my INNER CHILD and me in my dreams  with the intention of clearing out and erasing the effects of the old outdated core beliefs that I have been holding onto since childhood. It felt like love and money were withheld from me, because perhaps I.. Read More

My Hot Kissing Dream Lover Is Back!

  Before you read this blog post, you might want to first read my blog post from yesterday, PIRATES, A KNIFE AND BURIED TREASURE DREAM. It will explain about this dream that I am blogging now as it is a continuation from the DREAM I had last night. DREAMING to me is like unraveling a puzzle.  As a DREAM COACH,  I dream every night, and I remember all of my DREAMS. It did.. Read More

Pirates, A Knife And Buried Treasure Dream

Last night, I concentrated on my nightly DREAM PROGRAMMING process with the help and guidance of  my Dream Doula, my Soul and my ANIMAL SPIRIT, a beautiful white horse named The Cloud. My DREAM PROGRAMMING process helps me to have 90% + DREAM RECALL. My ultimate goal as a single woman is  to manifest a long term, committed, monogamous SOUL MATE RELATIONSHIP. In the last week, I have had two major passionate kissing.. Read More

How To Send Sexual & Emotional Thoughts To A Lover Or Ex Lover

  Sending Sexual and Emotional Energy to a lover, soul mate, lost love is an important topic that needs to be talked about.  We all have moments of longing for that special soul mate connection whether we have already experienced the wonders of the powerful connection between two souls. I strongly suggest that you purchase my Kindle ebook HOW TO KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS THINKING OF YOU, because it will help to clear.. Read More

Choosing Your Dream Guides For Your Nightly Dream Journeys

I am a CERTIFIED GATEWAY DREAM PRACTIONER. I received my certification through DENISE LINN. As a DREAM COACH, I work with my clients in guiding them through the highs and lows of their dreams through DREAM PROGRAMMING, LUCID DREAMING, DREAM RECALL  and more. To help you get started on your DREAM JOURNEY, I am sharing parts of Chapters 8 and 9 of my Kindle Ebook, “The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy.. Read More

My Amazing Juicy Kiss Dream

  As a self proclaimed DREAMER and a CERTIFIED DREAM COACH, I love  going on my wonderful and amazing DREAM JOURNEYS every night to experience people, places and situations near and far. There are days when I look forward to my bedtime, so I can crawl into my cozy bed and talk to my chosen DREAM GUIDES. My DREAM RITUAL every morning when I first wake up is to immediately  get my dream.. Read More

My Wierd Bipolar Dream of 3/11/17

I love being a CERTIFIED GATEWAY DREAM COACH.  I received my GATEWAY DREAM COACHING CERTIFICATION through DENISE LINN. I not only get to coach my clients through their DREAMS, I get to coach myself through my DREAMS. Blogging is a huge part of my amazing dream healing journey. Friday (3/11)  night, I programmed my dreams with my DREAM DOULA, my SOUL and GOD. I was experiencing feelings of being alone and  being very.. Read More

My Naked Interview & My Jewish Cookies Dream

As a certified DREAM COACH  through the amazing Denise Linn,  my strongest gifts and purpose besides being a professional PSYCHIC MEDIUM is to help YOU to find the LUCID DREAMER in YOU through DREAM COACHING. I feel incredible blessed to be going on my nightly DREAM JOURNEYS and to have 90% dream recall. Once again, I programmed my dreams last night with my Dream DOULA and my SOUL. I also included my horse.. Read More

Oy Vey! The Noisy Fan Dream

In my dreams from the night before last, I saw myself walking in higher heeled shoes (stilettos) then I am not used to wearing, and I felt unsteady walking in them. I knew that my Dream Doula and my soul were showing me that I am going to a higher love, wealth and life frequency. I had to get used to being at that frequency; so last night, I programmed my dreams with my Dream.. Read More

My Chocolate Balls & Stiletto Heels Dream Journey

I love going on incredible DREAM JOURNEYS, and I do this every night, which is what inspired me to become a CERTIFIED DREAM COACH. Besides being a professional PSYCHIC, I now work with my clients in discovering the meaning of their own dreams. CLICK HERE to buy my Kindle Ebook, THE DREAMERS GUIDE TO CREATING THE SEXY JUICY SOUL MATE OF YOUR DREAMS. Before I went to sleep last night, I did some.. Read More

Flying High & Away To No More Crumbs Dream

Last night, with the goal of continuing my dream journey from the nights before, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and my Soul.  I talked to them about my struggles in my dreams to stay focused on my goals and not be sidetracked.  I asked them why I keep running away in my dreams from my deepest desires and goals-manifesting a great love and greater success and prosperity.  I asked my soul… Read More

OY VEY! What Should I Wear Dream?

My dreams are like a puzzle being unraveled. Last night, in continuation of my dreams from the night before (see 3/5 blog  post), I programmed my Dream Doula and my Soul into my dreams. I asked to go back into the dream about the meeting in Vegas from the night before. I asked to find out more about this meeting, and for me to have the courage to attend this meeting and to.. Read More

Viva Las Vegas Dream

Last night, once again, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula. I asked my Dream Doula to help me to reconnect with the man with the red love tattoo that I kissed in my dreams  the night before (check my blog post of 3/4/17). I also asked her to help me to reconnect with prosperity and success that were at this meeting I attended in my dreams from the night before.  In.. Read More

The Man With The Red Tattoo Dream

In my dreams  the night before, I was told that I was not listening or hearing the messages that I was receiving in my dreams; so last night, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and my Dream Lady In Red. I asked to receive messages from them while I am sleeping and dreaming as to what it is that I am not hearing and listening to when it comes to love, finances and success. What am.. Read More

Heart Connection Dream

After my dreams with the beautiful lady in red in the very early morning hours of the morning before this one (3/2), I decided to change it up a little. I programmed my dreams with my Dream Lady In Red to guide me in the direction I need to go in my love life, my finances and in my travel adventures. Of course, I also asked for my Dream Doula to come into my.. Read More

My Psychic & Lucid Dream Travels

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my “regulars”, my Dream Doula and Ganesh for moving me forward in my life in the direction I need to go for finding soul mate love and for a wealth consciousness. I feel like my dreams last night took me on a few different journeys. DREAM SEGMENT 1  THE BEAUTIFUL GIFT I received a gift of a card or it could have been a coupon, and I placed it between.. Read More

The Dove, My Bills & Mr. Sandman Dreams

A couple of nights ago, I had a very interesting dream, and I woke up exhausted and very very tired. I had programmed my dreams  with my Dream Doula to help me give birth to a wealth consciousness. In my dream, I was giving birth and experiencing all the feelings of giving birth without feeling the pain. This dream, aside from being exhausted when I woke up, made me very happy. Last night,.. Read More

My Astral Visit Into The World Of The Rich

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and Ganesh. I asked them to work with me in my dreams in showing me the moment I decided in my childhood that I wanted to struggle financially and that I did not deserve to have a lot of money.  I also asked them to help me lucid dream, so that I could shift my fears and insecurities about money.  In my dream,.. Read More

The Little Girl And The Rabies Shot Dream

Last night, I once again programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and Ganesh. I asked them to work with me in giving birth to an increase in my wealth frequencies and to point me on the right road to wealth and success. In my dream, I notice that I am running out of pink clothes in my closet; so I go out and purchase more pink outfits. In the place where I.. Read More

Changing My Beliefs About Money And Love Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and Ganesh asking them to help me to give birth to a wealth consciousness and to point me on the road to success while I am sleeping and dreaming. Dream Segment 1 BIRTHDAY DINNER In my first dream segment, I am going with my BFF Donna and a guy that I know that has my same birthday. We are going to dinner for.. Read More

My Unlimited Minutes Dream

I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula last night. I asked her while I am sleeping and dreaming to help me to give birth to a new, expanded and unlimited version of myself.  In my dream, I went to India to work on the phone doing psychic readings. In real life that is what I do for a living. In fact, I was giving someone a phone reading in my dream. My.. Read More

Think Positive Dream

Last night, I programmed  my dreams with my Dream Doula for the purpose of giving birth to a new love and giving birth to a prosperity consciousness. I also asked to give birth to a new and improved unlimited version of myself. DREAM SEGMENT 1 In this segment of my dreams, I was writing down positive messages and affirmations for others to see on a daily basis. I feel like these dreams were.. Read More

My Nude Cruise Dreams

I have been on a nudist takeover of the Carnival Pride for the last nine days (February 5-14). I believe there were about 2100 nudists on the ship. It was a heck of a lot of fun.  Yes, everyone was nude with the exception of the Captain and the crew. I did hear that the Captain went to a nude beach in Grand Turk and got nude. The purpose of this blog post.. Read More

Speak Up and Be Heard Dream

  I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula. I believe I sold my property/home, but then I got it back. For some reason, unexpectedly, some people were stranded and had to stay at my place. They were not people I would ordinarily hang out with. They were kind of skuzzy. I had four benches in a row that they could sleep on. They looked like these benches were in a garden. I.. Read More

French Dreams

Once again, in my dream, I called in my Dream Doula, but this time I also called in God and my soul. I love working with my Dream Doula ever since she voluntarily showed up in one of my dreams to work with me. I asked her to work with me in giving birth to an even better version of myself, a prosperity consciousness and my future soul mate/Mr. Right. DREAM SEGMENT #1 In.. Read More

My Lightening The Load Dream

Last night, once again, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and my soul. I asked them to help me to give birth to an unlimited version of myself,  the right man and future soul mate for me, more prosperity and more abundance. I woke up briefly around 4am with no memory of any dreams, and then I went back to sleep. I woke up with some clear dreams around 6:45am. I.. Read More

It’s All About Love, Sex And Intimacy Dream

Last night, I once again  programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula to help me to give birth to great love, great prosperity, great success and great abundance. I had a dream that I contracted something from having sex. I had to go through some kind of procedure in which it had to be documented. Part of the process is that I had to find someone to lay next to me and talk.. Read More

It’s All About Money Dream

Last night, after programming my Dream Doula and my soul  into my dreams again, I had a series of dream segments; which leads me to believe that my Dream Doula and my soul were working on my internal financial beliefs. Dream Snipit #1 I am away traveling either by land or ship.  The gentleman at the front desk wants me to fill out a form, so that the purchase of $500  could be.. Read More

Who Bit My Tongue Dream?

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and my soul to work with me in my dreams to help me to give birth to whatever I have been repressing in my life. I also apologized to her from the night before for not recognizing her in my dream as the bird and the green flying insect. When I repressed my desire to have a baby when I was young, it was because of fear and great.. Read More

The Bird And The Flying Green Insect Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with the Dream Doula from the night before and also my Soul to continue on that dream journey. That dream brought back the memories of my very early marriage, and how much it has effected me even to this day.  Click here to read yesterday’s blog post. In dream segment 1, there is some kind of contest going on, and there is a group of women (me.. Read More

My Dream Of Being Visited By A Doula

First of all, I want to express how incredible grateful I am to Denise Linn for certifying me as a Gateway Dream Coach. She is an amazing dream coach.  I have learned so much from her, and I have had some profound dream experiences from her course. Last night, after pondering it for awhile, both my good friend and dream sister, Amy, and I joined Robert Moss’s online course “Active Dreaming”. He talks about lucid.. Read More

My New Home Dream

I believe that there many layers to our inner self and our emotions.  I peel, discover and heel one layer,  and then I discover a whole new layer underneath.  I am fascinated by the the knowledge that there is so much more to me, my soul and my inner self then meets the eye. Last night, I programmed my dreams with the Universe and the Law Of Attraction. I asked the Universe and.. Read More

My Mother And The Seance Dream

As I have stated in previous blog posts, I have been reading Robert Moss’s book “Dreaming The Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming For Healing And Becoming Whole”.  The focus of my dreams last night, was soul retrieval. Because I feel a strong connection with the mermaids and the dolphins of the sea, I programmed them into my dreams last night  I asked them to work with me in my dreams to do some.. Read More

WOOHOO! My Naked Man On His Way Dream

Last night, I programmed the beautiful mermaids of the sea into my dreams to show me which windows and doors to love and prosperity to open . I also asked them to provide me with the key to  open the windows and doors to love. I asked them to help me to clearly remember the dreams and messages that I receive; and if there is any healing energy to be done while I.. Read More

My Pink Chrismas Tree & My Hallmark Angels Dream

I am so excited about my beautiful pink Christmas tree that finally arrived. I am calling it my year round Love Affirmation Tree. This tree will give me some very nice Hallmark moments. Isn’t she beautiful? Last night, I opted for some easy breezy romantic dreams, so I called in the Hallmark Angels. In my dream, there was a man pursuing me, but I was not interested in him the least bit. He would.. Read More

My Dream of Connecting With The Angels And My Soul’s Beloved

    I have been reading Robert Moss’s book, “Dreaming The Soul Back Home: Shamanic Healing For Dreaming And Becoming Whole”. It is a fascinating book. Last night, I programmed my dreams to bring in my soul’s beloved. Some will believe that their Soul’s beloved is Jesus. For me, my Soul’s beloved is a deep soul mate connection. Each of us has our own reality. I asked for my soul’s beloved to work.. Read More

All Dressed Up And Ready To Go Dream

The night before, (as I blogged it yesterday) after reading Robert Moss’s book, “Dreaming The Soul Back Home”,  I programmed my dreams to  meet, feel, see, connect and experience the soul of my beloved in my dreams. In my blog post yesterday, I blogged that in my dreams I broke out in pimples all over my face. I knew I was lucid dreaming, and I even said in the dream “Oy, I am.. Read More

My Oy Vey Pimples Dream

As a dream coach,  I am so fascinated by the subject of dreams; so much so, that yesterday   I purchased a Kindle ebook by Robert Moss called “Dreaming The Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming For Healing And Becoming Whole”. There is a chapter in his book  about meeting the soul of my soul (the soul of my beloved). I was so touched by reading that chapter and doing the exercise in the.. Read More

Crumbs All Over The Floor Dream

After my dream the night before showing me that I needed to forgive my mother and myself, I programmed my dreams with the mermaids, my soul and Archangel Raphael. I asked them to work with me in my dreams to resolve and release my childhood issues with my mother and to help me forgive her while I am sleeping and dreaming and also while I am awake. DREAM SEGMENT #1 I woke up.. Read More

The Cat Outside My Window Dream

Before I went to bed last night, I traded readings over the phone with a girlfriend of mine who is a psychic and a tarot reader. We often do that for eachother.  I asked her to do a reading on the progress I am making through programming my dreams. Her one word that she saw was FORGIVENESS.  Once I master forgiveness, she sees someone coming into my life. She did not see a time frame… Read More

WOOHOO! My Love Is In The Oven Dream

Last night, I called in the Mermaids Of The Sea. I feel a connection to them, and I knew that they would be there for me. I asked only for them to show me if I am ready for my emotionally available future soul mate. or if I have more work to do. Apparently, I have more work to do. DREAM SEGMENT 1 In my dream, I tied up my cell phone, so.. Read More

My Soul Mate And The Tall Woman Dream

  Last night I programmed my dreams with God, the mermaids of the sea and my future soul mate who is for my highest and best good. I also asked that my soul mate  be someone who  would fullfill  me and make me happy, and I went into a little detail about how I envisioned him to be. After the OOOPSY the night before in bringing a past soul mate into my dreams,.. Read More

Ooopsy Wrong Soul Mate Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with the mermaids of the sea and my soul mate. I asked them while I was sleeping and dreaming to prepare me for my soul mate and to make sure I was ready for him. I also asked my soul mate to introduce himself to me in my dreams.  I always ask every night when I am programming my dreams for whoever I call in to give me bright vivid.. Read More

My No More Bullshit From Men Dream

Last night, once again, I programmed my dreams  with Cupid and Archangel Raphael to prepare me for my future soul mate by making me more spiritually, emotionally and sexually available, and for me to attract a spiritually, emotionally and sexually available man into my life. I asked them to remove blockages to connecting with a soul mate and forming a long term relationship. I woke up out of my dream state around 5:30am this morning. The.. Read More

Was That A Dream I had Last Night?

I programmed my dreams last night with God, Cupid and Archangel Raphael to help prepare me emotionally, sexually and spiritually for my future soul mate and for me to attract someone who is emotionally , sexually and spiritually available. I also asked to remove anything that was blocking my path to love. I dreamed that I did not dream or remember my dreams for a few nights. In the dream, I was very.. Read More

High Heels, Coffee and Luggage Dream

Last night, I tried to Astral travel to a friend (with her prior permission); however, I do not remember connecting with her in my dreams. I called in the Angels of dreaming and astral travel, so that she could work with me in opening myself up to abundance. I had a bunch of little dreams, but I do not remember visiting her. I dreamed that I was working on a project and right across.. Read More

Cupid And The Snake Dream

Last night, I once again called in Cupid to work with me in removing emotional blockages to meeting my soul mate and for opening my heart, mind and soul to a soul mate relationship. I dreamed of being inside a store or someone’s home, which was owned by a woman. There was a snake in a cage. I took the snake out of the cage, and I lovingly held the snake, which also seemed.. Read More

Enlightening Dream With Cupid

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Cupid, so he could work with me in removing blockages to finding my soulmate and for guiding me into coupling up with my soul mate. I have been divorced for a very long time, and it has been more then 2 years since I have been in a relationship. In my dream, I received an invitation to an event. Actually, there were 3 different times that we.. Read More

Programming The Fairies Into My Dreams Last Night

Last night, I programmed Celtic Fairy Queen/Goddess Aine (pronounced Ayna) and the fairies  to work with me in my dreams.  Goddess Aine is the Celtic Goddess and Fairy Queen of love, desire, soul mates, sexuality, romance and fertiity.  She is a teacher of love, and she can help make our visions of love a reality. Aine is a deeply passionate goddess and fairy queen, and, and so I worked with her in my dreams for healing my.. Read More

My Amazing Past Life Dream

As many of you know, I am a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner and Coach. I am also a psychic medium. Last night, my friend and dream partner, Amy, and I were on the phone discussing what we wanted to work on and who each of us was going to program into our dreams. I was telling her that it does not matter how much or how little money I have, because everyday I worry about.. Read More

My 2′ Tall Midget Dream Last Night

I programmed my dreams with God, my spirit guides and my dream angels for removing obstacles that are in the way of my prayers being answered. I have been repeating the prayers for love, prosperity, enlightenment and happiness from the book “Illuminata” by Marianne Williamson. I woke up around 7:15am with the following dreams: DREAM SEGMENT #1 My dream recall was excellent last night. I specifically asked to remember the dreams and messages and.. Read More

My Amazing Precognitive Dream Last night

  I programmed my dreams last night with God, my angels and my spirit guides. I  asked them to come into my dreams to magnify my prayers for love, prosperity and enlightenment from the book, Marianne Williamson’s book, Illuminata,  and to help my prayers come true. In my dream, I am attending a workshop in a hotel, and the workshop is being run by a man. I am staying at the Biltmore Hotel,.. Read More

My Prayers Are Being Answered In My Dreams

Last night, I programmed my dreams with God, my spirit guides and my angels. I asked them to work with me in my dreams while I am sleeping to give even more power to my prayers for love, happiness, fullfillment, enlightenment and prosperity in the book “Illuminata” by Marianne WIlliamson. I also asked them to help me with remembering my dreams. I have had this book for 15 years; and on occassion I have done.. Read More

My Talk To The Hand Dream

  Last night, I decided to change up my mystical dream partners, and I called in God, my soul and the universe. I asked them to lift “the veil” that prevents me from seeing the beautiful gifts that  “these beautiful powers that be” have given me. I focused on feeling, seeing and experiencing my worthiness in receiving the gifts of love, prosperity, success, community, etc. In my dream, “the powers that be” told me.. Read More

My Hallmark Movie Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Pluto, Lakshmi and Ganesh for removing the blockages within me from childhood that prevent me from feeling worthy and that give me a feeling of being deprived. I am grateful for everything that my current dream team has done for me to far, and I always let them know. Before I went to sleep and programmed my dreams, I watched a Hallmark movie about a 34 year.. Read More

My Lucid Wedding Dress Dream

Last night, once again, I programmed Goddess Isis (for past life work), Pluto (God of Wealth) and Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) to work with me in my dreams for the specific person of freeing me of my feelings of being deprived as a child, which effects me as an adult. I also asked that if there was a past life, to help me see this past life of feeling deprived, so it could be.. Read More

My Hole In One Dream

I programmed Goddess Isis (for past life work), Pluto (God of wealth) and Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Wealth). I added Isis, because I wanted her to show me a past lifetime while I am sleeping and dreaming in which the money karma from that lifetime directly effects me in this lifetime. I also asked for Pluto and Lakshmi to continue to work with me in raising my wealth frequencies and my core vibration. In.. Read More

Enhancing My Dreams With My New Dream Quartz Stone

Yesterday, I received my new Dream Quartz stone that I  purchased on Etsy, so I placed it inside my pillow case to enhance my dreams and for dream recall. Dream Quartz is good for past life recall, so I am planning on programming my dreams for past life recall tonight. It also helps in the releasing of negative energy. I purchased the Dream Quartz for the dispelling of negative beliefs and patterns in.. Read More

Lucid Dreaming For Financial Freedom

Last night, I programmed Pluto, God of Wealth, Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and Lord Ganesh (remover of obstacles) into my dreams.  My question to them was “How can I experience more financial freedom, so that I can cruise and travel more then I already do”. In my dream, I am on the beach. Suddenly a stork or a pelican swoops down, picks up my purse with it’s long beak and starts flying around.. Read More

How I Was Lucid Dreaming All Night Long

Last night, before I went to sleep, I programmed Pluto, Roman God of wealth and Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of wealth and also God into my dreams. I asked them one question, and that was “How can I step into more prosperity”. I asked them to help me to remember clearly and vividly the dreams and messages that I received from them, so I can take what I learn out into the world. During.. Read More

Mushy Sexy Soul Mate Love

I am such a mushy romantic Hallmark kind of gal.  I believe in love at first site,  holding hands, PDA, juicy sexy kisses, spooning, delicious sensual nights making love and juicy sexy soul mate love.   I have learned through the years  the magic of  manifesting  beautiful love at first site soul mate connections each and every time I decide to manifest a soul mate to share share my heart, mind, body and soul with.  I am in the.. Read More

Programming Pluto and Lakshmi Into My Dreams

Last night I programmed my dreams with Pluto, God Of wealth, Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and Archangel Ariel. I don’t mind telling you that I had some very strange dreams last night. First, before I tell you my dreams, I have to tell you that my air conditioning went out yesterday, and it was not being fixed until today. I ended up  sleeping on the couch halfway through the night. Dream Scenerio 1.. Read More

Dream Goddess Guenivere

Last evening, while pondering who I was going to program into my dreams,  I began to feel intense energy in my chest area as if someone was thinking of me. This time, however, it was not the energy of an earthly being. It was the energies of Goddess Guenivere, a love Goddess, and Angel Mihael, the angel of lasting soul mate/twin flame love. I felt like they were calling out to me, and.. Read More

Decluttering Decluttering Decluttering

I  had a decluttering dream a couple of nights ago after programming my dreams to bring in a soul mate. In my dream, everything was in the trunk of my car and there were papers everywhere all over my home. I was told (by the powers that be) that my answer was two blocks away. The dream was definitely telling me to declutter my mind, body, soul and spirit. I have lived in.. Read More

My Dream About Venus Finding Me Love

I programmed my dream with Venus, Goddess of Love and Sex, last night before I went to sleep last night. In my dream, I am in a hotel attending different personal growth workshops.  I have met some very nice people, and there are a couple of woman I am intending to be friends with.  Someone asked me if I had talked to this one particular guy. I said I had seen him, but.. Read More

Oooh La La! My Hot Pink Garter Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Mihael, the Angel of lasting love and soul mates.  I asked Mihael to guide me to my soul mate. I dreamed that twice a day the “powers that be” had to see a garter (like a band) either around my ankle or my thigh. I chose to wear a hot pink garter on my thigh. One of the times that the ‘powers that be” had to.. Read More

My Dream Of Writing A book

As many of you know, I dream every night; however, there are times when I deem my blog posts too private to share, and you don’t see them.  You know that they have to be very personal if I do not share them, because I have shared someone of the most intimate details of my life. This has been the case for a couple of my dreams over Thanksgiving weekend. Sunday morning, I woke.. Read More

Sexy Man With The Deep Voice Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael to removing blocks to raising my wealth, success and love frequencies and I also called in Saint Anne. Saint Anne has a prayer that goes something like this “Saint Anne Saint Anne find me a man as fast as you can”. I also let her know that he had to be a soul mate and not just any man. I dreamed of two parades… Read More

Goodbye Old Self Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with the Dream Spirit Of The Light, God and The Wonderer (my blessed Turkey Feather with the spirit of an Indian). I asked for insight into writing my book, the continuing of raising for core vibration and raising my wealth frequencies. I had this dream in which I am in an office printing a lot of copies of something for this guy. I had to stop, because I.. Read More

How To Know When Someone Is Thinking Of You

I wrote this blog post a couple years ago; however, now due to the popularity of my youtube video, I have written a book for kindle “How To Know When Someone Is Thinking Of You” going into a lot of detail about how to know and how to interpret their thoughts and feelings for you. Only $2.99 for the holiday seasion. Click here to purchase the book.  Our souls live inside our physical.. Read More

WOOHOO! Your Lover Is Thinking About You!

  I am so excited to announce that my ebook HOW TO KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS THINKING OF YOU is now available on kindle for only $2.99 through the holidays. This book will blow your mind when you realize that the answers to what he or she is feeling about you is within you now. YES YOU ARE PSYCHIC! Once you learn how to tap into their hidden thoughts and feelings, your love.. Read More

My Beautiful Soul Healing Dream Last Night

As my blog followers  know, I am a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner and Dream Coach. As a night healer through my dreams. I am working on transforming myself through my dreams and my night healing adventures. I find programming my dreams and becoming my own night healer to be one of the most powerful tools that I have ever used in regards to healing my past and my unwanted negative core beliefs. For.. Read More

My Receiving Gifts Dream

Last night while programming my dreams, I called in my sleeping and dreaming angel, my prosperity angel and the super moon. I asked for the continued raising of my core vibration. I also asked for the continued raising of my my wealth, success, health and love frequencies.  I also asked for peace on our planet. I was awakened a little after 5:40am from the following dreams: DREAM SEGMENT #1 – There was some.. Read More

Moving On Up To A New Vibration Dream

Last night, I had trouble sleeping. It was approximately 2am in the morning before I actually got to sleep. I strongly believe that me not being able to sleep had to do with the fact that I forgot to take my Thyroid meds (Levothyroxin) yesterday morning. Instead, I took  my pill  around 7pm when I remembered. Seriously, I will never take it in the evening again. Now to get back to dream programming… Read More

Hair/Scalp Healing Dream

I programmed my dreams with my sleeping, dreaming and healing angels last night. I also asked for my soulmate/twin flame to come into my dreams to comfort me and love me the way I am, and for me to be able to feel safe enough to share my sacred space with him and to fall asleep in his arms. I slept through the night, and I woke up just before 6 AM. The.. Read More

WOOHOO! My Soul Mate Is On His Way Dream

Tuesday night, while watching the election results playing out on TV, I started to feel the  intense energy of my soul mate in my vibration. Since I have not met him yet, I knew I had to call him into my dreams that night. The energy was pretty intense.  Going to bed and trying to sleep ended up being very futile, because I kept waking up every two hours to see the election.. Read More

Houses Bedrooms and Cobwebs Dream

Last night, I slept soundly with the angels. I programmed my dreams last night with the angel of sleeping and dreaming. I asked HER to please make sure I had a good night’s sleep uninterrupted; and even if I dreamed, for the dreams not to disturb my sleep. I also programmed my dreams with the angel of abundance and prosperity. I asked HER for continued rising up of all my frequencies (love, wealth, success and health)… Read More

OY VEY! My Teeth Are Too Big For My Mouth Dream

I was very tired when I went to bed last night,  so I programmed my dreams with the angel of sleeping and dreaming. I asked HER to help me to sleep deeply uninterrupted throughout the night. I also asked if there were any important messages that SHE had for me to please help me to remember the dreams very clearly, but not to disturb my sleep. I woke up this morning just before.. Read More

Dreaming Of The Power Going Off

Last night, I programmed my dreams with God, my Higher Power and Archangel Chamuel. Again, I asked them to work on me while I am sleeping and dreaming (and while I am awake) for the continuation of the raising my core vibration. I also asked for the continuation of the raising my wealth frequency, my success frequency, my love frequency and my health frequency. I also asked to be a clear and perfect channel for.. Read More

The Naked Black Hot Sexy Man Dream

Last night I programmed my dreams with God and my Higher Self for continuing to raise my core vibration and for raising my wealth frequency, my success frequency, my love frequency and my health frequency. I woke up around 3 or 3:30 am to a dream that seemed incomplete to me.  Yes, the number 3 means the Angels and Ascended Masters are trying to get my attention. In my dream, it feels like I am.. Read More

Knocking On The Green Door Dream

I programmed my dreams again with my Higher Self/Inner God and Goddess Gueneviere. I asked them to bring me important messages while I am sleeping and dreaming for raising my core vibration, my wealth frequency, my success frequency and my love frequency. I woke up around 7am to the following dream: It looks like I have a job, and I am sitting at my desk. There are two desks side by side. My desk.. Read More

Astral Travel Visit From Hollywood Actor Van Johnson

Last night, before I went to bed, I meditated with one of Mas Sajady’s medi healing podcasts on raising my wealth frequency. The energy was so powerful that I was getting intense chills.  I had to slightly open my eyes, because  I felt like someone was in the room with me. As I went to bed last night, I programmed my dreams with my Higher Self/inner God and Celtic Goddess Gueneviere. Gueneviere is a love Goddess… Read More

My Angel #333 Dream Early This Morning

In my continuing journey to enlightenment, healing, direction and connection, I once again programmed my dreams with my Higher Self (my inner God) and this time I asked Celtic Goddess Gueneviere to join me in my dreams. Goddess Gueneviere is a very powerful love goddess who I feel a strong connection with. I asked them to continue to raise my core vibration and to point me in the direction I need to go with the book.. Read More

Raising My Core Vibration Dream

While on the recent Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, October 15-22. and also through my dreams, I have been asking for a much clearer connection with my Higher Self/my inner God. I am also asking for my Higher Self/my inner God to work with me in my dreams (and while I am awake) to point me in the direction I need to go with the book that I am writing called “How To Know When Someone.. Read More

Five Powerful Ways To Remember & Blog Your Dreams

I am Linda Kaye, a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner through Denise Linn, a Dream Goddess Coach & professional psychic, and the purpose of this blog post is to provide you with simple ways of remembering, interpreting and understanding your dreams. Always keep a pad of paper and a pen by your bed. If you wake up from a dream in the middle of the night, make sure no matter what that you write down.. Read More

My Being In The Moment & Going With The Flow Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my higher self and my Inner god (same thing) and The Wonderer, my beautiful blessed turkey feather given to me by Denise Linn on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise. I strongly feel the spirit of an indian (The Wonderer) in that feather, and I keep him on my dream alter. I asked to have a clear connection to communicating with my inner God, my higher self and.. Read More

My Powerful Godfather Dream Very Early This Morning

Once again, I programmed my dreams with my higher self and my inner God (both the same) to show me the direction I need to go in my love, sex and romantic life, with my book, with my psychic and dream coaching business, with finances and with health. I dreamed of my Godfather, David Mendel. He passed on at least 30-35 years ago. My mother was in the dream, and she has been gone for 5.. Read More

Programming My Dreams To Connect With My Higher Self

  The last couple of nights, I have been programming my dreams specifically for communicating with my higher self and for my higher self to show me the direction I need to go in all aspects of my life. It is different for me when I program my dreams with my higher self, because I receive still pictures (like that of a camera). The night before last, I saw that I was in a.. Read More

On Line Dream Study Circle Beginning Soon

ATTENTION BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS!  Two dates are available. Starting Monday, October 31 at 6pm Eastern for 4 weeks (+November 7, November 14, November 21 PAY HERE TO GUARANTEE YOUR SPOT. $75 per person for all 4 weeks (Minimum 5 people, maximum 10 people) Starting Saturday, November 12 at 10am Eastern for 4 weeks (+November 19, November 26, December 3) $75 per person for all 4 weeks  (Minimum 5 people, maximum 10 people) PAY HERE TO.. Read More

Dream Programming With My Sacred Turkey Feather

On the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, I went to a Special Event held by Denise Linn. Each of us got a beautiful blessed turkey feather from Denise Linn. We meditated with our turkey feather for the name. The feather carries the spirit of an Indian man named The Wonderer . I feel a lot of powerful energy in that Turkey Feather. It is now on my dream alter. Last  night, I programmed my dreams with God, the.. Read More

My Fabulous Experience On The Cruise Into Spirit Cruise

WOW WOW WOW! I am blown away by the whole Cruising Into Spirit experience aboard the Oasis Of The Seas October 15-22, and I am still in a “fog” from the breakthroughs and powerful experiences I had. I can honestly say that the the speakers that put on the workshops were the “cream of the crop”. I went on the cruise with a group of approximately 225 people. Although strangers when we got on.. Read More

My Powerful Akashic Records Lucid Dream Last Night

I programmed my dreams last night with God, the Holy Spirit and Celtic Goddess Gueneviere to continue to raise my core vibration that has already begun to raise while I am sleeping and dreaming and while I am awake. I woke up around 4:00am in the morning and then continued the dream until around  6:40am. I know that I was lucid dreaming.  I was trying to figure out what was happening in my dream,.. Read More

Intuition Cruise

READ ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE ON THE CRUISE INTO SPIRIT NEW AGE METAPHYSICAL CRUISE ABOARD THE OASIS OF THE SEAS 10/15-22, 2015.  AMAZING! I have some absolutely FABULOUS exciting news that is absolutely guaranteed to tickle you pink. Yes that’s right, YOU are very soon going to have an opportunity to not only meet Linda Kaye, the Pink Chick Psychic, in person, but also to receive a reading from me in person.  I very.. Read More

My Healing Dream With Goddess Gueneviere

I woke up to this dream Thursday morning; however, due to the wonderful workshop schedule on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise yesterday, I did not have a chance to blog my dreams. I will be blogging about the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise once I get home. I programmed my dreams with God and Celtic Goddess Gueneviere. Goddess Gueneviere is a love and romance Goddess with an added touch of lust to the mix… Read More

My 10/20 Healing & Nurturing Dream Journey

Before I went to bed Wednesday night (10/19), I programmed my dreams with God and Celtic Goddess Gueneviere to open me up to receiving all the gifts meant for me from the universe. I am so grateful for being on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, and I will be blogging my experience once I return home. I journaled my dreams, but I did not have time to blog them due to it being a full.. Read More

The Doctor And The Very Healing Sexy Kiss Dream

First, I want to say that I am boarding  the Oasis Of The Seas today to go on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, a new age/metaphysical cruise. I am very excited.  I am not sure how much I will be blogging, but then again I will want to share my experiences with the workshops and healings that I will experience. Stay tuned…. Last night, in my night dream programming , I called in.. Read More

I Dreamed Last Night Of Being A Dream Coach

Last night, I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel. I asked them to take me where I needed to go in life in order to be successful and prosperous. I had a few dreams, but I only remembered one. I woke up around 5:45am with the following dream: I dreamed that I was in some kind of group situation. There were a lot of people in this group. I.. Read More

The Early Morning Power Of My Dreams

My friend, Amy, and I consider ourselves to be dream sisters. We discuss our dreams with eachother every morning over the phone, and then later in the afternoon or evening we call eachother to discuss who each of us is going to call into our dreams according to what we want to work on. She suggested that I call in the Greek Goddess Artemis (Diana in Roman Mythology)), because of the huntress in.. Read More

Programming Eros Into My Dreams

I programmed my dreams with God and Eros to work on my dreams about creating a relationship. I woke up at 4am in the morning, and lost the dream that I had. I woke up again about 7:30 AM to this dream. In my dream, this guy was in a golf cart, and he asked me to go with him to a restaurant in the Kmart parking lot about 12-15 minutes from where.. Read More

Activating My Inner Lover Dream

Last night, I was once again inspired to program my dreams with God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Chamuel. I asked specifically so that I can deepen the connection to the inner lover within me. I have not dated for awhile. I feel like it is time that my inner lover found a lover  and soul mate to connect with and share my space with him. I also asked asked to deepen the connection.. Read More

The White Horse Dream

Early yesterday morning was one of the most profound, phenomenal and powerful dreams and visions I have ever had. I was stunned all day; and when I shared it with a couple of my friends, they were stunned. Click here to read my blog post about my powerful dreams, visions and messages that I received from God and the Archangels while I was sleeping in my dreams. Last night, once again, I programmed.. Read More

My Powerful Dreams & Visions From God & The Archangels This Morning

Last night, I had one very powerful and enlightening vision and two very powerful dreams. I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Michael (protection) and Archangel Ariel (prosperity). FIRST DREAM AND VISION-  I woke up at what I thought was 5:45am and grabbed my journal to write down the dream only to just barely able to grasp the essense of the dream, which was about creating and keeping  everything and everybody that I.. Read More

My Past Life Psychic Reading That I Received Yesterday

Yesterday, as a birthday gift for my best friend, Donna, I bought her a psychic reading at this  metaphysical shop nearby where  I live (about 30 minutes North of Tampa), and I also bought a reading for myself as well. I rarely purchase readings for myself, but  I had heard about this  amazing reader from a friend of mine. I specifically asked for him. The reader was only 17 years old, and I.. Read More

Angel Numbers Appearing While I Am Sleeping And Dreaming

Last night, before I went to sleep, I programmed my dreams with Archangels Michael (protection), Raphael (Healing), Ariel (Prosperity) and Chamuel (Love and Relationships) plus my Guardian Angel . I asked for them to work with me in making a significant change in my core beliefs by turning my negative core beliefs into positive core beliefs. I asked for help in recalabrating all areas of my life (love, sex, success, money, etc) so.. Read More

Shifting Deep Core Beliefs In My Dreams With The Archangels

Last night I programmed my dreams with Archangels Michael, Ariel and Raphael and of course my Guardian Angel. I asked them to work with me in creating some  new core belief about myself. There is one core belief about myself that I would love to shift- that I get to keep everything and everybody that I love in my life (including money). I have had the opposite core belief since childhood. I also.. Read More

The Dog In The Kennel Dream

Dream programming is a very powerful way to shift and change our lives. Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Ariel and my Guardian Angel. I asked them to protect and watch over me financially to help me feel safe. . It stems from childhood in which I adopted a deep core belief that everything and everybody that I love (including money) is going to be taken away from me. When.. Read More

Dream Goddess Dream Circle Study Group

Beginning Monday October 31, at 6pm Eastern. My Dream Goddess Dream Circle Study Group will last approximately 1 1/2 hours- 4 Online Sessions for $75 per person for all 4 sessions. I will allow no more then 10 people into the group. We will discuss your dreams, how to remember your dreams, dream programming, Dream Shields, Dream Guides-Archangels, Mythical Gods & Goddess, Ascended Masters, setting up your dream alters, crystals, dream gazing, dream partnerships.. Read More

Cruising The Highs Seas Dream With Archangel Raphael & My Guardian Angel

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael (the Angel of Healing) and my Guardian Angel. I asked for healing on my  anger towards my ex husband that I have been holding on to, for 44 years (yes that long). I felt trapped in my marriage.  I have never remarried. I was so unhappy in the marriage that I actually remember the very second, the very moment, I made the decision  to keep myself alone.  It is time.. Read More

The Shower of Love and Healing Dream

Last night, I decided to change things up a bit, and I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael (for healing), Archangel Ariel (for prosperity) and Archangel Chamuel (for love and romance). I feel like Archangel Raphael mostly worked with me, but Ariel and Chamuel were a great help too. I asked Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel to work with me in my dreams while I am sleeping to expand my business and to point me in the right.. Read More

Quarters Quarters Quarters Everywhere Dream

I asked Lord Ganesh before I went to sleep last night to work with me in my dreams last night to guide me in matters of prosperity and to remove any inner blockages to increasing my wealth. First I must tell you, I am not destitute, and I make a nice living. I would love to travel the world.. This is a deep desire that I have. I just now had a realization.. Read More

My Prosperity Alter Dream

Last night , I chose to  program my dreams with Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva for removing blocks to greater prosperity. Both Ganesh and Shiva are very strong Gods who I programmed to destroy negative beliefs that I carry within myself about money.Both Ganesh and Shiva can remove any obstacles in our life along with negativities energy patterns, negative influences and negative beliefs about ourselves. I also asked them to remove negative memories. nk I you for visiting cosmicgoddessempowerm.. Read More

The Sensual Naked Woman And The Pink Bicycle Dream

Last night, once again, I programmed my night healing dreams with Lord Ganesh, Hindu God who is the destroyer of obstacles and who brings in wealth and abundance to those who ask. I am not quite ready to complete my dream programming with him, because he is so powerful. . I also added Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. She is the  Goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, youth and favorable outcomes. I ask.. Read More

A Wedding Ring, Some Turquoise Shoes & A Beard Night Dream

Last night I programmed my dreams with Lord Ganash for removing obstacles to love, wealth, abundance and success. I especially asked Ganash to show me any past lifetimes that I might have brought into this lifetime in which I took a vow of poverty; and if there were any,  to please remove them while I am sleeping and dreaming. I also wanted to remove any vows of poverty in this lifetime. First I.. Read More

My Dreamgasm + Some Jelly Legs + Some Hot Sexy Mystery Kissing Lips

Last night before I went to sleep, I programmed my dreams with Lord Ganesh. He is the Hindu God of success, wealth and removing obstacles. This was my third night working with Lord Ganesh. I asked Ganesh to show me the obstacles  and blockages within me that are keeping me from having greater wealth and abundance in my life. I also asked Ganesh to help heal the rift between my brother  and me;.. Read More

My Mary Tyler Moore Dream With Lord Ganesh

Last night, I choose to program my night dreams once again with Lord Ganesh (God of  wealth and abundance and also of removing obstacles) again on my money and abundance issues and blockages. I have been channeling Ganesh, and I have  been receiving messages from him. Last night, when I channelled him, he told me that he wanted to work with me in my dreams at least 3 more times. For those of.. Read More

Dream Progamming With Hindu God Ganesh And The Mouse

Please read yesterday’s blog post ADDING LORD GANESH TO MY DREAM ALTER , and how I found the statue of him in the mall.   Last night I programmed Ganesh to work with me in my dreams. He is a powerful Hindu God of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. He is the perfect mythical God to call into our dreams to.. Read More

Morphius Lord Of Dreams LOUD AND CLEAR

When Amy and I were dream partners programming eachother’s dreams and our own  for the last 12 days of Mercury in Retrograde, half of those days we programmed our dreams with Morphius, Lord Of Dreams (along with others),  for removing obstacles to creating a soul mate. Thursday night was the last night of our  dream partnership as far as programming our dreams for eachother. We are still dream partners in a way, because.. Read More

Adding Lord Ganesh To My Dream Alter

This morning, when I woke up, I felt the need to go to Citrus Park Mall, which is about 30 minutes away from where I live. I wasn’t sure why I was going. I really did not need anything; however,I felt like something was pulling me there.  While in the mall, I came across a store called Earthbound, which I have never seen before. Apparently, they have only been in that mall for a year. From.. Read More

Duel Night Healing Dream Journey #12 With Amy

Last night, Amy and I programmed our dreams as Dream Partners and night healers for eachother and ourselves  on our 12th and last night of our wonderful, enlightening and powerful partnership. We agreed to be partners during the last 12 days of Mercury in Retrograde. We are both single, and our purpose was to remove blocks within us that are preventing us from manifesting our soul mate. We felt that Mercury in Retrograde was.. Read More

Dual Night Healing Dream Journey #11 With Amy

Amy and I decided that for our dreaming pleasure last night,  we would program our dreams for eachother and ourselves to bring  our dream lover into our dreams for some fun, joy and intimacy. We also asked Hypnos, the God of sleep to come into our dreams to help us sleep through the night. MY DREAM I know that the first part of my dream was long and involved, but I only remember.. Read More

Duel Dream Night Healing Journey #10 With Amy

Amy and I programmed our dreams last night for eachother and ourselves with Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity, victory, and also with Archangel Michael. We focused on love and prosperity and raising our love condition, our sex condition, our success condition, our wealth condition and our life condition. We are thrilled that Mercury In Retrograde will be over in 2 days. MY DREAMS Last night, I had 4 dream snippets.. Read More

Duel Night Healing Dream Journey #9 With Amy

Amy and I have been dream partners and night dream healers for 9 nights now for ourselves and eachother. Last night, Amy and I decided to program our dreams with Morphius, the Lord Of Dreams, Goddess Aphrodite, Eros, Archangel Ariel and Archangel Michael. We definitely called  in a big group. We  are finding that the more Archangels, Gods and Goddesses and Ascended Masters that we call in, the more work we do in our dreams.  I.. Read More

Duel Dream Night Healing Journey #8 With Amy

Last night, Amy and I programmed our dreams for ourselves and eachother once again with Archangel Michael, Goddess Aphrodite, and her sons Eros and Anteros for a romantic adventure in our dreams and to open our hearts to love and a significant soul mate/twin flame relationship. I also called in the Power Of Prosperity for myself and the Power of Love and Forgiveness for Amy. This morning Amy feels like she woke up.. Read More

Dual Night Healing Dream Journey #7 With Amy

Amy (my dream partner) and I decided for night number 7 to program our dreams with Archangel Michael, Goddess Aphrodite, God Eros (Aphrodite’s son) and God Anteros (Aphrodite’s other son). This was night number 7 of programming our dreams We both programmed our own dreams and eachother’s dreams for abandonment issues, letting go of the past, opening our hearts to love and manifesting a new soul mate relationship. I had one of the strangest dreams.. Read More

Duel Dream Healing Journey #6 With Amy

Dreaming Programming With Eros

Amy and I decided to “GO GREEK”,  in programming our dreams for last night. We chose Goddess Aphrodite (Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality). Venus is the Roman version of Aphrodite.  We just had to include her  son, Eros,  (God of Erotic and Romantic Love). In the Roman version, he is Cupid. We also asked Archangel Michael to join in on this serious yet fun sexy healing adventure, because we just couldn’t leave him.. Read More

Duel Night Dreaming Healing Journey #5 With Amy

Amy and I decided that for last night we would program our dreams with Archangel Michael (for strength and protection), Goddess Kali (for clearing the past and moving forward), Morphius, Lord Of Dreams (for prophetic and soul mate dreams) and Angus Mac Og ( also for soul mate dreams). MY DREAM Last night, before I went to sleep and programmed my dreams, I pulled three cards from the Messages From The Fairies Oracle Card Deck.. Read More

My 4th Duel Night Healing Dream Journey With Amy

Amy and I have decided to continue our dual night healing dream journey while Mercury is in Retrograde. Mercury in Retrograde ends September 22. This was our fourth night as dream partners. We both programmed our dreams with Morphius. He is the Lord of Dreams, who encourages prophetic and soul mate dreams, and he helps us to interpret our dreams. We also programmed Angus Mac Og, Celtic God of love and soul mates and Venus, Greek.. Read More

3rd Duel Night Healing Dream Journey With Amy

As you know, my friend Amy and I came up with the idea to be night dream partners several nights ago. Last night was our 3rd duel night healing dream journey. We are each on a mission to create our soul mate/twin flame, and the perfect time to heal and remove obstacles within us is while Mercury is in Retrograde. Mercury goes direct on September 22nd. Last night, we each programmed our dreams for ourselves and eachother.. Read More

Duel Healing Night Dream #2 With Amy

  My friend, Amy and I, are on a 3 night duel night dream healing journey together. Click here for day 1 of our experience. Last night was day 2.  As you know, we are both dream coaches, psychic mediums and night healers through our dreams.  We both decided to call in Angus Mac Og, a Celtic God of soul mates and love. He is especially powerful, because if you ask him right before you go to sleep to come into your.. Read More

My Duel Night Healing Dream Journey With Amy

My friend, Amy, and I both attended the Gateway Dream Retreat  to be a certified Dream Coach last Month in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When we met there, we had an instant connection. Amy is a Clairaudient Medium, and I am a Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Medium. When we decided to be night dream partners for eachother yesterday, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that our night dream  healing journey last night would be strong and powerful… Read More

Hugging On The Astral Plane

Very early yesterday morning, I experienced someone astral traveling to me while I was sleeping. It was someone that I know, but that I have never actually met in person. I  received some business coaching from him over the phone about a year or so ago. We are also in the same private facebook group for about 2 1/2 years now. He came into my living room and was  hugging and holding me for a long.. Read More

My Early Morning Dreams

As a Dream Goddess Dream Coach, I am very dedicated to programming my dreams.  The dreams that I remember these days happen very early in the morning.  Even though I have no memory of dreaming at night when I go to sleep, I am pretty sure I am dreaming and healing. The messages that I remember while I am sleeping and dreaming seem to appear between 5 and 7:00am every morning. I usually wake up to.. Read More

Thousand Island Or French Dressing Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Michael for protection and important messages  and Archangel Gabriel for  assisting me in writing my book.  In my dream, which was around 5am this morning, I was in a restaurant, and I  ordered a salad . I specifically asked for Thousand Island Dressing, but they did not include the dressing.  I ended up using French dressing.  I also ordered a chicken wrap, and they brought me.. Read More

My Duel Night Healing Dream Journey With Sandy

My wonderful friend of 20 years, Sandy, and I decided  that when we went to sleep last night to do dream healing on eachother. She has gotten very excited about the whole aspect of dream healing, since she has been a part of my online dream study group.   It is  about 8am, so  I have not spoken to her yet, I do not know how her dreams went. She is 3 hours behind.. Read More

Duel Night Healing Dream With My Friend Elaine

Last night, my dear friend of 30 years, Elaine,  and I decided to be  night healers and program our dreams to heal eachother while we are sleeping.  Elaine has problems with remembering her dreams, so I was hoping and praying that this would work for her. We mutually programmed our dreams to help eachother to  heal our blockages.  She is on the west coast, and I am on the east coast.  When we each.. Read More

Acting As A Night Healer For Others In Our Dreams

Last night, my best friend, Donna, and I decided to become night healers for eachother in our dreams, so that each of us can remove blocks to being in a relationship with the  future soul mates of our dreams. She has been attending my online dream  study group calls, so she is getting pretty fascinated by dreams. I sent her healing energy to remove blockages to being in a relationship, and I asked Archangel Michael and.. Read More

Programming Archangels Ariel And Chamuel In My Dream Last Night

I had such a great dream last night, in which I also started  lucid dreaming in it. I programmed my dreams with Archangel Ariel and Archangel Chamuel for removing obstacles and blockages to achieving greater prosperity and for an increase in income for myself.  I specified a certain amount of income. I dreamed that I was selling cars in a car dealership and a Spanish speaking couple walked in.  Even though they did not.. Read More

Is Orange The New Pink Dream?

  Yesterday, I went to my hairdresser, Jules, who is also a very powerful healer. I asked her for some healing on a health issue. Jules proceeded to do the healing while the color was in my hair,  and  she immediately picked up on my mother who was apologizing through her for not making me feel nurtured as a child. That definitely came as a surprise to me that my mother even realized this. Later that night,  I  had a  couple.. Read More

The Journey From EFT Tapping To Becoming A Dream Coach

This born and raised Southern California gal is at the moment hunkered down in my condo in Caliente Clothing Optional Resort in Land O’ Lakes, just north of Tampa, Florida, waiting for the BIG STORM, Hermaine, to hit.  I have been here 13 years, and I am also reminded of the 3 BIG STORMS that hit us in 2004. Certainly, however, it is better then earthquakes; and I certainly experienced a lot of earthquakes in my.. Read More

My Popcorn Popping Dream

  Last night when programming my dreams, I asked Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michaell, God and my fairies to help turn my fears into love. My fears are what brings my coughing on. I have fears about running out of money, and I also have fears about being stuck in a romantic relationship that I might not want to be in. I am not involved with anyone right now, so I know that it is.. Read More

My English Prince Dream

I had this dream on July 27th, and I immediately journaled it. It was a very memorable dream, but for some reason I forgot to blog it. I asked the angels and my fairies to help me receive messages while I am sleeping and to help me to feel loved and wanted through these messages in my dreams.  In my dream, I was asked to go to England to pick up a prince. I told.. Read More

The Prosperity Archangels And My Dreams

Two nights ago, I programmed my dreams for prosperity by asking Archangel Ariel to work with me in my dreams to deliver messages to me regarding my prosperity consciousness.  I also asked Archangel Chamuel to help clear up some blockages. About 13 years ago, while sitting on my couch, I literally saw and felt the energy of money leaving me. It freaked me out, and that experience has been on my mind ever since.  My dream.. Read More

My Healing Dream Last Night With Archangel Raphael

Wow! First, I have to tell you about my day yesterday. I was at Whole Foods when I accidentally smacked my left big toe into something so hard that I was bleeding on the floor and on my shoe. The deli people and the manager were kind enough to bring me a chair to sit down on and bandages.  I was quite embarrassed.  I left my groceries in the cart, and I immediately headed to.. Read More

Past Lives & Present Karma

I have blogged about a specific past live before in which I was born with the memory of and vividly remembered  as a small child and as a teenager growing up  the woman I was. At the Gateway Dream Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a couple of week ago, I experienced a powerful past life regression in which I connected with the woman I was in this past life. This past life became much more.. Read More

The Archangels And My Dreams

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Michael (for protection and guidance), Archangel Chamuel (for guidance in seeking a relationship and romance), God and my fairies into my dreams to work on the love and relationship aspect of my life. I had a wonderful night’s sleep, and I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed. When I first woke up, I didn’t remember my dreams, so I asked Archangel Michael (for protection), Archangel Chamuel (for.. Read More

OY VEY! Intensified Dreams With Selenite

Unfortunately, I did not sleep all Tuesday night.  I had been having some very powerful, insightful, amazing psychic and healing dreams, but  they were way too intense and left me exhausted with very little sleep with all the energy that I had been putting out while sleeping and dreaming.  I intuitively suddenly realized in the middle of the night that the culprit that was stimulating and enhancing the intensity of my dreams was non other than a long.. Read More

Last Night & This Morning’s Powerful Dream Messages

I feel like I have found my niche as a dream coach. I am starting my 4 week dream study group, a requirement, for my Gateway Dream Coach Certification this coming Saturday, August 27th.  I have always felt that being a psychic and guiding people through the highs and lows of their life (especially their love life) is my purpose in life. Now, becoming a certified dream coach just adds another powerful dimension to.. Read More

8/21 My Very Freaky Psychic Dream Last Night

I have to share these dreams last night. They were a little freaky, and I am still a little shaky from them. Once I feel more together,  I will coach myself through the dreams. I programmed my dream for issues about prosperity, but instead I had some very strong psychic dreams. Since last night, I had a psychic and very enlightening dream, I feel it is a continuation of that dream. Ahhh, the puzzle is being.. Read More

8/20 The Psychic Eye & The Lamp Dream

By now, you have realized that I dream quite vividly every night. I purposely program my dreams for insight and enlightenment. My dreams are like a puzzle being unraveled. Once again, I called on Archangel Michael, God and my fairies to work on my prosperity beliefs. I dreamed that I was with a group of people; perhaps we worked together. For some reason, I was dared to take my clothes off. Since in.. Read More

Programming My Dreams For Prosperity

 Before I went to sleep, Thursday, August 19, I programmed my dream to help me to remove blockages to prosperity and to have more financial freedom. When I got into bed, I closed my eyes and imagined a dream shield around me. I then asked Archangel Michael, God and my Fairies (they are who I pray to) to come into my dreams tonight and deliver important messages to me about the money aspect of.. Read More

Gateway Dream Retreat

I had the most incredible enlightened experience at Denise Linn’s Gateway Dream Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico this past week (august 5-13) to become a Certified Gateway Dream Coach. Denise Linn is an extraordinary healer, teacher, dream coach, feng shui coach, soul coach and past life regressionist. I have always been fascinated by my ability to dream such colorful and clear dreams. As a psychic medium for over 30 years, I have help.. Read More

8/19 My Allowing Prosperity Dream

I programmed my dream last night for Archangel Michael, God and my fairies to remove any blockages or beliefs that I have about money. In my dream, I went to visit my mother (RIP) in what seemed to be the old house that I grew up in. In the dream, my mother, who looked young, had a matchmaaking service business, and she charged $4000 a month to find a match for someone. She.. Read More

8/18 An Amazing Night Healing Dream

First, I will tell you about the first part of my dream. I asked Archangel Michael, God and my fairies to help me heal  a decision I made while I was married. I remember the exact moment I said to myself out of frustration that I will keep myself alone and do everything on my own. I was with a group of people. We were given gifts, and the gifts were glitter, sequence.. Read More

The Angels Interpreted My Dream For Me

A couple nights ago , I asked the angels to bring me important messages in my dreams, to remember these messages and for them to help me interpret those messages,  I had a very interesting yet very confusing dream that night. I have decided to share with you a portion of that dream. In my dream that there was a giant bed in a store that I was in, and a man and a woman disappeared.. Read More

The Power Of Our Dreams

I am learning a great deal about dreams by watching Denise Linn’s facebook videos. When you go to bed tonight, activate your dream shield. Visualize this dream shield around you. Now set the intention and say something like “Tonight it is my intention to receive  important messages from my Angels, and it is my intention to remember these messages and to also remember my dreams”. Then go to sleep and dream on. I.. Read More

Our Psychic Souls

All Souls are psychic, because we are born with a Psychic Soul. Our Souls know eachother; and when we walk into a room full of strangers, our Souls aren’t strangers.  This is why when we meet or see a stranger, we either get repelled by them and immediately put our guard up or we feel a deep divine connection to them where they become irrisistible to us. We are divinely remembering what we.. Read More

God, The Fairies & The Angels

This summer (2016) is going to be an awesome summer of tremendous growth and fullfillment for me. The growth has already started, and it is not even summer yet. I am so grateful for the soul in me that wants to thrive, explore and grow.  and I am grateful for the spiritual connection I have with my soul. We are in perfect allignment with eachother. I just completed an online course through Doreen.. Read More

A Powerful Guided Healing Cat Meditation

First I want to tell you that I love cats; and if I could, I would have a cat (or even maybe more than one). From the time I was young, I had a severe allergy to cats. It all started when I would go to the neighbor down the street’s house for comfort. Noone lived there except for dozens of cats in the yard. I felt very much alone, and there was.. Read More

Tapping Into the Psychic World

Psychic readings

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have used my psychic abilities in past lifetimes as well as this lifetime. When I first started doing readings full time over 30 years ago, I started going to networking breakfasts. The first time I went to this one particular networking breakfast, there was this gentleman standing behind me. I turned around, and we looked into eachother’s eyes. At that second of eye.. Read More

My Soul Mate Journey Of Discovery Through Affirmations

Soul Mate Dreams

We are the divine expression of our beliefs, fears and negative experiences from childhood. My childhood was wracked with a lot of fear and insecurities. I loved my mother dearly (RIP), but she had very high expectations for me. Whatever I did was never really enough for her, so I constantly had to prove to her that I was smart enough, perfect enough, pretty enough  and skinny enough for her to love me… Read More

From Jeans In The Pool To Naked Beautiful -70+ Affirmations To Help Women Feel Good Naked

AS WOMEN, WE POSSESS WITHIN US OUR OWN NAKED GARDEN OF BEAUTY TO LOVE, CHERISH AND NURTURE.     Please also check out my blog post “The Naked Goddess”   The 70+ affirmations below are NOT JUST GEARED FOR WOMEN IN NUDISM. They are ALSO geared for women  who want to feel good naked under their clothes and in their own private chambers of love. When we are more confident, our intimate and.. Read More

Thank You Josephine My Sexy Hot Pink Sexy Soul

I woke up this morning very grateful to my sexy hot pink soul. We have been through many lifetimes together, and we have stuck together through thick and through thin. We are bound together for eternity, and  I am forever grateful for my strong, sensitive, kind and loving soul for giving me the  strength to overcome the struggles that I have experienced from lifetime to lifetime. I was born with a clear memory.. Read More

The Fairies Are Speaking To Me

Beautiful Fairy

I am a member of the Hay House Community, and I often listen to the Authors’ radio shows on Hay House Radio. I have been very curious about Doreen Virtue, along with another author, Denise Linn (who I absolutely love).  I “liked” Doreen Virtue’s page on Facebook awhile back. Last week, she posted on facebook that she has a new online course to become a Certified Fairyologist.  At first, in reading the details.. Read More

My Powerful Astral Traveling Experiences

Astral projection or astral travel is when our astral body leaves the physical body to travel on an astral plane to a specific destination or person. This is the first time ever that I am sharing this story in a public forum like this. I will share a little bit about how Astral Traveling began for me, and then I will tell you the incredible story of astral traveling to my biological father.. Read More

The Day I Saw God

The Day I saw God

In 1975, I was quite the adventurer. After living on a Kibbutz for about 4 1/2 months and not liking it, I decided on the spur of the moment to fly to London. I knew some people there, and they welcomed me to stay in their home. They knew I wanted to stay for awhile and work, so they told me about a temporary employment agency that had hired a cousin of mine… Read More

The Night That Spirit Whispered Sweet Nothing Into My Lips

Fairy Kisses

I have to share the powerful realization I just had TODAY. It all started in August of 1980, at the age of 29 thirty six years ago to be exact. I went through a weekend workshop called “Lifespring” (similar to EST and now Landmark), and my life changed forever. It was the first time I had done anything related to my personal growth and transformation, and it was the first time I had.. Read More

The Awesomeness Of Reiki

Reiki Healings

Reiki is universal healing energy. As a Usui Reiki Master since 2008,  I serve as a vessel for supplying healing energies where they are most needed and desired. I predominantly work with my clients on healing issues relating to inner child, beauty and body image, relationship blocks, sexual blocks (Yoni healings for women), money blocks, reconnecting with their inner source, etc. , I work on all levels – body, mind, spirit, aura, soul.. Read More

My Soul Mate Youtube Video

Hi everyone! My name is Linda Kaye, but you can call me the PINK CHICK PSYCHIC. I live at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, and I drive around in a hot pink car. Yes, I am a nudist. Professionally, I am a psychic medium, soul commuicator, certified soul coaching oracle card Reader, a psychic love coach and Reiki Master. Valentines Day is quickly approaching in less then 2 weeks. Are you finding yourself alone.. Read More

Eros, The God of Romantic Love & Sexual & Erotic Awakeninga

Invam quite fascinated with Greek Mythology and with the healing modalities of the different mythical Gods and Goddesses.  I meditate with the particular mythical Gods and Goddesses that I am drawn to, and they have been so powerful for me in healing different issues in my life . I also do Reiki Healings for my clients using their healing modalities. Additionally, I have also channelled different Reiki Healing Systems that come with manuals.. Read More

Deja vu & Past Lives

Soul Mate Dreams

  SPECIAL NOTE – I am fascinated by the subject of past lives and deja vu, and I would love for you to share your past life memories in the comment section of this blog post. Let’s get a spirited conversation going. Have you ever experienced DEJA VU? Deja vu  is a feeling inside of you that you have experienced an event, conversation, etc. before. For instance, meeting someone and feeling like you.. Read More

The Truth About What Men Want

It's all about love BABY

ATTENTION SINGLE DIVAS SEARCHING FOR MR RIGHT! We have to stick together in the search for Mr. Right. You know how men say women are complicated? Well men are even more complicated. They say one thing, but you think he is saying something else. Dating is like going through a maze of  Mr.  Wrongs; and even when sparks fly, you don’t know if you should or you shouldn’t let your guard down and.. Read More

Eight Months After Tony Robbins Date With Destiny

Pink Chick Psychic

In December of 2014, I went through Tony Robbins Date With Destiny Seminar after taking  Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within in November 2013. Both were phenomenal experiences.  Date With Destiny, for me surpassed any other seminar I have ever taken in my life, and I have taken many seminars and workshops. Click here to read my other blog posts about my experiences with both Date With Destiny (Boca Raton) and Unleash The.. Read More

Real Psychics Vs Fake Psychics

As a psychic, I have had many calls over the years from clients and potential clients devistated over the fact that they had lost thousands of dollars to psychics who turned out to be gypsys and stole all their money.  A couple of days ago, however, I had the strangest call of all from a man with a very strange request. He said he had a premonition that if he sent me money,.. Read More

Celebrating The 6th Decade Of Life

Pink Chick Psychic

      How many of you reading this blog right now are approximately my age? I just turned 64 this year. I have arrived in the 6th Decade Of My Life, I am growing, improving  and evolving  gracefully. I don’t act or dress what is supposed to be for my age (whatever that is).  I have pink in my hair, wear bright pink colors, and I drive a hot pink car.   Where.. Read More

The Love Club

As s psychic love coach and Usui Reiki Master, I focus on ROMANTIC LOVE. Romantic love is soul mate love. I know from within the very depths of my soul that my purpose is to help each and everyone of you (including myself) find romantic love, feel romance love, discover romantic love, experience romantic love, give romantic love and keep romantic love. Finding romantic love is easy. Keeping and sustaining romantic love is.. Read More

The Power Of Pink

Reiki Healing

 IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE BABY!  Pink is the color of universal divine love, and it is connected to our Heart Chakra (4th Chakra).   Wear & Surround Yourself With Pink If you want more of the following in your life:  Love Romance Passion Intimacy Calm And Peaceful Feelings Relaxation Acceptance Contentment Happiness Softness To Feel More Feminine (softer pinks) To make yourself non threatening to others. Playfulness (hot pink) Purity Kindness Tenderness (light.. Read More