Affirmations For A Sexy Personality

EVERYONE is sexy. You just have to believe that you are. Repeat one of the following affirmations for creating a sexy personality out loud over and over again at least 1/2 to 1 hour a day EVERYDAY for 21 days (DO NOT SKIP A DAY), and you will have developed a very  sexy personality.  I am too sexy for my lips. I am too sexy for my hips. I am too sexy for.. Read More

My Dream Of Being Lost Last Night

In my dream, I had  decided to share my space and my home with roommates. It was a little chaotic in the bathroom LOL with everyone trying to use it and put on makeup. I was talking to a guy in my home, and a friend of mine came up to me at the same time and started talking about sex. The guy disappeared. I was then told that my parents were outside.. Read More

Psychic Sale

I am a soul communicator, and I have had knowledge of knowing when someone is thinking about me since my mid  20’s. God gave me the gift of being a soul communicator, and so I am blessed with the understanding and knowing when someone is thinking of me. Before I became aware of  my ability to read thoughts and feelings soul to soul,  I felt lost and confused in relationships. I had no.. Read More

Why Do I Wear The Color Pink?

I know that it is breast cancer month, and I honor and love  all of you who currently  have and have had breast cancer by continuing to wear pink in my usual hot pink fashion.  I have not (knock on wood) had breast cancer, but I am 100% into supporting the cause. As you can see, I drive around in a hot pink car  with a giant pink smile on my face. I.. Read More

I Met Some Ex Amish People This Last Friday

I was at the airport in Tampa waiting to board my flight to L.A. on Friday, and a group of  Mennonites sat next to me while waiting to board. I knew they were Amish by their outfits-husband, wife, daughter, grandchild. I asked them if they were Amish, and they said they were Amish until 2 years ago when their whole church in Indiana decided to leave the Amish and become Mennonites. The husband.. Read More

Pink Chick Psychic Nudist Vision Board

I hope you all enjoy my psychic nudist vision board painted on my guest bathroom wall by my friend, Dodie Ortland, about 2 1/2 years ago. One and 1/2 weeks later I had my car. Last week she updated my vision board with affirmations, etc. Click on the subject line to see the video. Vision Boards are very powerful, and they do work. I live at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort in Land O’.. Read More

I just had an AH HA Moment

Good morning beautiful souls. I am right now having an AH HA moment. I shared with you a few days ago that I had an incredible session with Joanna Kennedy (The Center For Love and Happiness) on Monday. It was one of the most intense session I have had to date. In this session, I felt like I literally took back my “sacred space” from my mother. As a young person, she violated.. Read More

Sharing My Sacred Space

I created my blog to share my heart and soul with you all and have you join me in my healing journey of self discovery. I am so excited. This evening, I had the most incredible session with Joanna Kennedy (The Center of Love and Happiness) in Colorado. She is a love, sex and relationship coach, and this was the 7th session I have had with her over the phone. She does a.. Read More

Past Lives & Lovers

I feel very strongly about the subject of past lives. I strongly believe that when we die we don’t really die.  Our souls go into another body, and we begin again. I believe we have many lessons to learn. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt of a past life which has strongly influenced this life and the karma I’ve had to experience from that lifetime. I grew up in Westchester, a.. Read More

I Got Over Being Harrassed And Bullied In School

This coming weekend, I am going to my 45th High School Reunion in Los Angeles. I went to Westchester High School in Los Angeles, and I graduated with the class of 1969. For all you young dudes and divas, that may sound like ancient times to you, but I consider myself to be a very young, fun and evolved chick with a hot pink personality. I am 63 years old. A lot has.. Read More