Pink Reflections Of Sex And Dating in My 60’s

Well here I about to be 63 years old in April, and I am still single. I never thought that when I divorced my ex husband at 21 years old that I would still be single, BUT I AM. I remember when I told a family friend who must have been in her 50’s or 60’s at the time that I was getting a divorce, she screamed NO! She apparently had been married.. Read More

My Trips To Hedonism II In Negril Jamaica

Today, I got lucky. I won a free trip to Hedonism 11 in Negril, Jamaica through Tom’s Trips. I am very excited.  Why am I excited? I am excited, because last July (2013) I went to Hedonism 11 for the very first time.  I knew about the group, the Fluffernutters for a couple of years, because I have friends that go to Hedonism all the time with them. My friends convinced me that.. Read More

Soul Mate Love And Divine Energy

Divine Energy is God’s energy, and he works through us to bring about changes,improvements and solutions in any aspect of our lives. In this particular blog, I am speaking of asking for divine energy to come infor the specific purpose of improving our love, sex and romantic lives whether we are single, dating, in a committed relationship, married or in a difficult soul mate relationship. Soul Mate Love is very powerful, but sometimes.. Read More

Soul Mates And Twin Souls

This is Part 2 Of My 3 Part Video Series. Click here to  find Part One on soul mate connections on Youtube. There has been so much talk about Soul Mates and Twin Souls over the years, and so I’ve decided to video blog my own take and belief on the subject of soul mates and twin souls. Soul Mate connections keep our spirits alive and our hearts happy. Our souls need to.. Read More

The Cuttest Little Dog Story

I just had to share the cutest thing that happened to be me today. I went to Under The Sun today. For those of you that don’t know it, it is a boutique for people in the nudist community. I go there a lot, and Rene’s dog Coco knows me. She is a very mellow dog; so I was a little surprised when I got out of my hot pink car and started.. Read More

The Power Of A God Box

THIS VIDEO IS PART OF THE BLOGGING CONTEST.  PLEASE READ THE CONTEST RULES HERE. BLOG YOUR WAY TO A FREE PSYCHIC READING. Watch my you tube video on how the power of my God Box got my dad’s family out of Russia and to America after many years of struggling and failing . I have had a God Box for many years, and it has been a powerful influence in my life. I.. Read More

I Am Now An Apple Developer

I am so excited. I am now an Apple Developer. My app PSYCHIC LOVE COACH has been transformed. You will find around 300 affirmations for attracting love, rekindling lost loves, soul mate love, money, success, personal growth and more (more being added all the time) + my LOVE STORE, dating tips, Kissing Booth, Empowering the Goddess, Healing Circle, Forums, and more. YES YOU CAN JUST CALL ME THE AFFIRMATION QUEEN. APPLE ANDROID

Divine Love For Love, Sex and Romance

What is Divine Love you ask?   I have always believed, felt and connected with the energy, power and strength of the Divine Love within me. Divine Love is God’s Love, and it is the strongest love there is. I believe strongly that I have a true direct connection with my inner God; and if because I know that divine love is my God, then  I know beyond the very depths of my.. Read More

Reflections Of a Pink Soul For Today

Pink Chick Psychic

Yesterday afternoon, I had a very powerful phone session with my Tantra Coach and Passion and Intimacy Expert, Joanna Kennedy. I have been working with her for a few weeks now, and I am loving it. In my session with her yesterday, I really got within the depths of my pink soul that I AM MEANT TO BE VISIBILE AND SEEN. Deep down inside, I always knew I made a difference and that.. Read More

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex is sex and making love is making love. I make love with my emotions, so it would be very difficult for me to just have sex to have sex. I love connecting in emotional, sexual and spiritual intimacy with someone, because it is like we are making love to eachother’s souls. Making love and intimacy for me is sharing my deepest thoughts and feelings with someone, sharing love, passion, laughter, joy. True.. Read More