Ways To Awaken Your Divine Sexy Goddess

In celebration of my birthday today, I have decided to celebrate my inner divine sexy Goddess. LIGHT A WHITE OR PINK CANDLE AND STARE INTO THE FLAME For me, the Goddess is the female version of the God within me. HE’S there to connect with if I so choose. And by divine right, so is the Goddess. I choose to embrace her; and in doing so, I believe more in the beautiful sexual.. Read More

Does Size Matter? The Power Of The Penis – Part 2

Get your love on today

  What is all the hullabaloo about men’s penis sizes anyway? Does size really matter? In my opinion, it is the chemistry between two people and how this man makes love to me that matters more then anything else. It is also how he makes me feel. If HE boasts about his size and what he can do for me, believe me, it is a sure fire way to turn me off. I.. Read More