Prayer To Attract Great Love

Affirmations to stimulate your senses

I am wishing all of my blog readers a happy Sunday morning. Here is a very special prayer for attracting great love from the book Illuminata by Marianna Williamson. I’ve posted this prayer before, but sometimes we need to be reminded of the powerful manifesting benefits of her prayers. I find that repeating this prayer out loud over and over again for about 15 minutes a day helps to bring in that great.. Read More

Dear God

Dear God.  I am thinking about what could have been, but not for long. I am repeating the affirmation “I declare divine order in my love, sex and romantic life”, so I know that God has something incredible planned for me. I know that not  all relationships are meant to be. Thank you for showing me that all my love experiences are stepping stones to what could be a love that is meant.. Read More

Creating A New Soul Mate Relationship For Myself

Today, I revamped my personal ad for a couple of online dating sites that I am on now that I am  unattached again. I have not given up on love; and as a matter of fact, I am looking forward to my next  mutually connected soul mate relationship that I know from within the depths of my soul I can manifest.  I also know that God wants me to feel “connection” in a.. Read More

Ridiculous Personal Ad Response

Come on guys. Don’t you know that being real in responding to personal ads is the best way to go.  Being fake and all drippy to catch a woman does not work FOR ME. It just makes me think that you are a scammer.  This man is lucky that I deleted his number from his ad. The first part is so fake. Do they go to a certain school to study how to.. Read More

What is love?

What is love you ask? Love is an important ingredient in everyone’s life whether we are single or in a relationship. Without love, there is no emotion. Without emotion, we cannot exist, and we become invisible into ourselves. Without love, our hearts become numb, and  we lose our essential connection to our own inner Spirit Of Love. There is a Spirit Of Love in each and everyone of us waiting to “touch” our.. Read More

Soul Mates & Lovers – Picking Up Their Thoughts

So you can’t stop thinking about your soul mate and lover. You feel foggy and overwhelmed by how much you think about him or her. You feel an intense energy in your chest area when you think about your lover and soul mate.  Well guess what! If you answered yes to any of these questions,  your lover and soul mate that you can’t stop thinking about is thinking about you. That’s right. Watch.. Read More

Remembering 911

The events of 911 will stick in my memory forever. I lived out in Southern California at the time. I was on AOL and saw that AOL had said that a plane had hit the building, so I turned on the TV and watched the second plane as it hit the building, the building collapse and people running away from the building as the dust overwhelmed everyone in it’s midst. I kept saying.. Read More

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