Happily Ever After & Fairy Tale Romances

Although many people do not believe in the concept of happily ever after and fairy tale romances, I believe in the power within ourselves to create our own happily ever after reality. Happily ever after comes from within.  I believe in the fairytale of living in the moment and being happy in the moment. Yes, you can live happily ever after with someone as long as you don’t put a time frame on.. Read More

Over 80 Proven I AM Affirmations For Love, Sex & Romance

 I am a huge believer in repeating affirmations everyday. Affirmations are powerful statements that I repeat over and over again to create the situation I desire to experience. Affirmations have proven to transform my love life, because when I speak my future, I create the future I desire. Affirmations have transformed my life, so they can transform yours.   I grew up with a certain belief system that I didn’t deserve love or.. Read More

Activate These 10 Mythical Gods & Goddesses For Great Love, Sex & Passion

Get your love on today

I just love the healing modalities of the different mythical Gods & Goddesses. I choose to meditate with some of them to improve my love, sex and romantic life, and so I want to help you to uncover your true love and sexual essence through God & Goddess affirmations. I have chosen 10 very powerful Gods & Goddesses to help enhance your love, sex and romantic life through affirmations. Choose the mythical god.. Read More

Beauty Is A Feeling Within You


It doesn’t matter what size you are-big or small, because beauty is a feeling within you. if you feel beautiful on the inside, that is all that matters. Society judges people by their inperfections purely because what they see on TV and on the internet as “perfect”. DON’T LET ANYONE TAKE AWAY YOUR BEAUTIFUL. You own your beautiful. I was raised by a Jewish mother (RIP) that saw me through her eyes; and.. Read More

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