Have You Ever Been Cheated On?

As a professional Psychic Love Coach and Soul Communicator, I have had many clients who purchase readings, because they are devistated by their cheating lover. We as emotional human beings seem to always want the fairy tale ending in which he leaves the other woman and comes back to us. We are romantic souls, so we always hope for the best. We all want love and devotion.   A true love story involves.. Read More

19 Kids And Counting

19 Kids And Counting

OMG, so much controversy on the TLC Show 19 KIDS AND COUNTING.  I have watched the show many times and often wondered about their PERFECT LOOKING family. With so many children, there were bound to be those children who would stray from the beliefs of  their very strict parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Dugger. I knew that with all those children there would be the ones that would eventually stray from the family.. Read More

Do I Really Need A Man To Enhance My Life?


I am a single gal who is independent and perfectly able of taking care of  myself and all my needs financially. I have my own business, and I save money, so that I can travel and do the things that I enjoy.  I believe that if it is meant to be,  HE, my future soul mate, will fall into my lap for as long as he is meant to be with me.  I.. Read More

Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Transformation


I am incredible happy for Bruce Jenner. I can’t imagine what it  was like inside for him all of his 65 years-not living in his true authentic self and hiding his deep feelings of being a woman. I have NEVER experienced that feeling of being in the wrong body.  I was born a female 64 years ago, and I love being a super feminine girly girl.  I believe everyone should live their truth.. Read More

OY VEY! Quija Boards

Ouija Boards

 I recently read an article where  companies are selling pink Quija Boards geared towards 8 year old little girls. WRONG! Ouja Boards are very dangerous. They can creative havoc and bring in negative spirits. I KNOW! Let me tell you about my experiences with OuijaBoards.  In the mid to late 70’s,, my then neighbor and I used to play with the Ouija Board. At the time, she was very pregnant. It kept telling her.. Read More

The Power Of Pink

Pink Chick Psychic

 IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE BABY!  Pink is the color of universal divine love, and it is connected to our Heart Chakra (4th Chakra).   Wear & Surround Yourself With Pink If you want more of the following in your life:  Love Romance Passion Intimacy Calm And Peaceful Feelings Relaxation Acceptance Contentment Happiness Softness To Feel More Feminine (softer pinks) To make yourself non threatening to others. Playfulness (hot pink) Purity Kindness Tenderness (light.. Read More

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