Real Psychics Vs Fake Psychics

As a psychic, I have had many calls over the years from clients and potential clients devistated over the fact that they had lost thousands of dollars to psychics who turned out to be gypsys and stole all their money.  A couple of days ago, however, I had the strangest call of all from a man with a very strange request. He said he had a premonition that if he sent me money,.. Read More

Sexy Love Affirmations

Affirmations to stimulate your senses

I am a true believer in being one with our body, mind, spirit and soul. I have many Reiki Attunements that help to fine tune our inner body connection to  our sexual and sensual self. God gave us our sensual and sexual feelings when we were born, and it is our divine right to own that part of ourselves. Our sexual responses, reactions, and our abilities to receive sexual pleasure begin with our.. Read More

Kissing Chemistry

I was inspired to blog about kissing due to someone I know and really respect being on America’s Got Talent Monday night. Joanna Kennedy from the Center Of Love and Happiness was on America’s Got Talent teaching Nick Cannon how to kiss. Although she got buzzed, I am so proud of her and so proud to know her. She got an amazing amount of exposure Monday night.  In the last couple of years,.. Read More

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