Pirates, A Knife And Buried Treasure Dream

Last night, I concentrated on my nightly DREAM PROGRAMMING process with the help and guidance of  my Dream Doula, my Soul and my ANIMAL SPIRIT, a beautiful white horse named The Cloud. My DREAM PROGRAMMING process helps me to have 90% + DREAM RECALL. My ultimate goal as a single woman is  to manifest a long term, committed, monogamous SOUL MATE RELATIONSHIP. In the last week, I have had two major passionate kissing.. Read More

How To Send Sexual & Emotional Thoughts To A Lover Or Ex Lover

    Sending Sexual and Emotional thoughts to a lover, soul mate, lost love is an important topic that needs to be talked about, so I am asking my blog readers right now if they can post their experiences in the comment section in either  receiving or sending sexual energy or emotional energy.  I am thrilled that this blog post on HOW TO SEND SEXUAL AND EMOTIONAL THOUGHTS TO A LOVER OR EX.. Read More