Mail Mail And More Mail Dream

I love programming my dreams every night, and I look forward to my magical night time dream journeys with my chosen Dream Guides. I programmed my dreams last night with God, my Dream Doula, my Soul and Archangel Raziel for the specific purpose of cutting the cords of the vows of “suppressing my power” that were made by my soul when transitioning into this lifetime. In the past lifetime that I was meant.. Read More

How To Know When Someone Is Thinking Of You

As a love psychic medium and soul communicator for over 30 years professionally, my expertise is in reading your lover or ex lover’s feelings for you.  I finally decided to write my kindle ebook HOW TO KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS THINKING OF YOU, because I feel like my kindle ebook can change your life. It goes into great detail about soul mates and souls connecting. In the meantime, I  created this special page.. Read More

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