All Aboard To The 4th Floor Dream

I did my dream programming with my Dream Guardians last night for deep healing and restorative sleep. I also asked them to work with me in helping me to raise my wealth frequencies, so that I can raise my income level to the goal that I set for myself in the most beautiful ways that I will clearly remember and recognize. DREAM RECALL I am at a hotel in Barcelona with a large.. Read More

Caliente Single Sundays

CALIENTE SINGLE SUNDAYS Join Caliente Single Sundays Facebook Group (Run by Linda “Pink Chick”) Join Pasco County Single Naturists Yahoo Group  (Run By Linda “Pink Chick”) Singles Social & Pool Party, Sunday, August 27th At Caliente Clothing Optional Resort! Let’s have a fun day in the sun! Linda, Caliente Singles Social Host, is hosting a Singles Day at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort from 8am-6pm. $20 for Non Member Single Men and $10 for.. Read More

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