Pop The Magic Soul Connection Dream With A Shocking Ending

   I had the dream below on January 6, 2019. I have known for a long time that many of my dreams are precognitive dreams, and the precognitive dream below manifested itself on February 21, 2019. I went on a singles cruise February 16-23, 2019. I developed a small crush on a guy in our group, and we were hanging with each other a lot (usually in a group with others).I do not.. Read More

The Dude On The Plane Dream

MY DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER FOR LAST NIGHT Dear  God and Archangel Uriel.  Please help me to surrender my love life to you in my dreams tonight, and please work with me in my dreams tonight in guiding  into  the love life of my dreams with the perfect soul mate for me for a permanent relationship. MY DREAM MEMORY I am at a large gathering in another state. There is this man, and we.. Read More

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