Early yesterday morning was one of the most profound, phenomenal and powerful dreams and visions I have ever had. I was stunned all day; and when I shared it with a couple of my friends, they were stunned. Click here to read my blog post about my powerful dreams, visions and messages that I received from God and the Archangels while I was sleeping in my dreams.

Last night, once again, I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Ariel and Archangel Michael for working with me in picking up the pieces of myself that were lost in childhood and to help me step into my power and also to claim my power. I asked them also to work with me in showing me how to build my financial empire and also my business empire. I woke up at around 5:30am and laid there thinking that I had not dreamed at all. I opened my eyes and the memories of my dreams came flooding back to me-well most of it. Some of it is still stuck in dream land. It’s there, but I can’t remember it. 


In my dream, the foyer and living room of my home are both absolutely beautiful and elegant. I must be rich, because it looks like the home of a rich person. The floors are white and perhaps marble. The walls are white as well, and I am just now remembering and seeing beautiful white carved cupid  statues built into the wall on both side. My home of what I can see is immaculate. There is a little white dog in my house, and he has a lot of energy and excitement as he runs around the house. He keeps running through my bedroom. I am fine with the dog in the foyer and the livingroom. I am uncomfortable everytime the dogs runs through the bedroom, I am worried the dog will make a mess.

In the dream there are two front doors in my home side by side in this dream. There are very large double doors and a regular door. There is a knock at the door. I choose to open the  very large double doors, and there is a large  horse starting to walk in the door. My best friend, Donna, is behind the white horse. The horse sticks his head in the door, but I shut the door, because I do not want the white horse inside my house for fear that he will mess up my beautiful house. 

I completely understand this dream. I am allowing the feelings of being prosperious into my home and into my soul. God and the Archangels are working with me in building both my business and my financial empire. I am feeling the richness of my soul expanding out into my life. Although I want to be in a loving and intimate relationship, it has been awhile since I have been involved with a man on all levels.  I have been hurt by alot by men over the years, so I have learned to keep my emotions and feelings in check. I made a decision a long long time ago during  and after my marriage that noone can please me but myself, so I keep myself alone. The white horse represents  power, and also the white knight.

Yes, I am nervous to allow a man into my sacred space, and then there is the fear that he will complicate and make a mess of my life. There is also the fear that a man will want me for money. (My mom always told me that). This is why I am uncomfortable when the dog keeps running through my bedroom. The dog represents the man that is ready to be with me, but the dog is small potatoes in comparison to the horse. The double doors represent opportunities. The horse represents even more intimacy, but on a larger more serious scale. The proverbial white horse wants to enter my sacred space.  I know why my best friend, Donna, is standing behind the horse. She has been telling me to take risks in my love life in order to connect with someone.

I have made a decision to start Dream Gazing and  while dream gazing allowing this white horse into my home and my sacred space. Dream Gazing is similar to daydreaming, but with an added dimension just letting the “day dream” flow and go where it needs to go.  I experienced a group Dream Gazing experience in Denise Linn’s Gateway Dream Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am now a Certified Gatway Dream Practitioner.

Spirit is saying to me to me right now that for a very long time there was a child waiting to be born inside of me. There could very well have been a child waiting to be born, but I am pretty certain Spirit means my inner child is being reborn.


First, before I tell you the second dream segment, I must tell you that I am not in any way political, and I am not going to express my political views or who I am going to vote for. I know this dream had to do with the presidential election and what is going on with all the accusations and such from both parties.  My best friend, Donna, is in my office sitting behind a desk acting as an arbitrator. I believe in this dream I am Hillary. In walks The Donald. He bumps into Hillary’s arm. Hillary is angry, because she feels he is rude. She expresses her feelings to him. Hillary tells him that she is no longer going to support him, because of what he did.  They discuss it, and then things calm down. At first The Donald appears harsh and not so nice, but then he softens up. He is not a bad guy after all.  Hillary softens up as well, and she is not so bad either. They make amends, and then they then go to lunch.

The second version of this dream segment could be my relationship with men in general. I am afraid to let someone into the sacred space of my soul. I have been hurt alot, so at first I am on the defensive with the man in the room.  The man softens up, and so do I. He is not so bad afterall, and so maybe I can let him in. Donna is there reminding me to take a risk in love.


According to Denise Linn’s book, The Hidden Power Of Dreams,  dreams that occur between 3am and 5am (dream segment number 1) have to do with the lungs. These dreams concern issues of spiritual development, inner grief, receiving love, letting go, completion, freedom and expression. The ancient Chinese said that this was the beginning of the spiritual day, so the dreams during this time have to do with new beginnings and spiritual growth).

Dreams that occur between 5am and 7am (dream segment number 2), represent the large intestines. Dreams during this time concern things that are cluttering or clogging up our lives. This is also a time of outer grief, discernment, caring for others and self empowerment. It is also a time for processing the information and experiences that we have gathered during the day (The Donald and Hillary). I could not listen to anymore of it, and I had to turn the channel.