Last night, I programmed Pluto, God of Wealth, Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and Lord Ganesh (remover of obstacles) into my dreams.  My question to them was “How can I experience more financial freedom, so that I can cruise and travel more then I already do”.

In my dream, I am on the beach. Suddenly a stork or a pelican swoops down, picks up my purse with it’s long beak and starts flying around with my purse. My purse had either $500 or $5000 in it. I was upset at first, but then I allowed myself to lucid dream; and eventually I got my purse and my money  back from the stork or the pelican.

For me personally, the beach represents being on vacation-like an island. Number 5 in dreams can be about travel, movement, adventure, change and a green light to financial freedom. Adding 00 to it, means the journey into freedom; the more zeros the better. Birds are free to fly, and they have a lot of freedom; and in this case, the bird represents financial freedom for me. The bird taking my purse and the money AT FIRST is my fear of never having that financial freedom; however, the bird is saying “come fly with me. Let’s go”. I am sensing that I am not experiencing in my mind financial freedom right now, but in many ways I have financial freedom. I have a fear deep inside that it will all go away.

I have a God/Dream box on my dream alter. I put my desires in this box in little folded pieces of paper, and every morning I pick one. This morning, immediately after I awakened from my dream, I picked one that said “Thank you God for I now have $500,000 in my savings account”.  The Gods and Goddesses are certainly watching over me, and this definitely is a message for me that they are connecting with my desires for more financial freedom. I feel blessed.

My dream alter