Yesterday, I received my new Dream Quartz stone that I  purchased on Etsy, so I placed it inside my pillow case to enhance my dreams and for dream recall. Dream Quartz is good for past life recall, so I am planning on programming my dreams for past life recall tonight. It also helps in the releasing of negative energy. I purchased the Dream Quartz for the dispelling of negative beliefs and patterns in my life.

Also,  on the shelf at the head of my bed, I have a Herkimer Diamond, a perfect stone for helping me to remember the messages & stories in my dream state that I receive from my mythical gods and goddess, angels and archangels, etc.  I literally dream EVERY NIGHT,  and I remember them; so I would say the stones are working.

Last night, I once again called in Pluto (God of wealth, Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) and Lord Ganesh (God of removing obstacles. I asked them to remove any obstacles in the way of raising my wealth frequencies and whatever fears, insecurities and beliefs I have about money.

In my dream, I believe I was doing some kind of cleansing of my home.  In real life, I live in a condo. In my dream, I lived in a large two story warehouse looking type of place with no carpets. I started to go downstairs, so that I could clean the rust out of my bathtup. At the head of the stairs, I saw Kelly Rippa live in some kind of video picture (like an ipad). I chimed in and said hello. We started talking, but then she started crying. So as not to intrude, I gave the phone to someone else. I then went downstairs, and cleaned the rust off that part of the bathtub in my dream (which is near the drain). The rust was only on a quarter of the bathtub, so I did not have that much to clean. I was wanting to get my home ready for people/company.My brother was sitting on the couch. A family friend called, and my brother answered my phone. He talked to her.


The house is my emotional state. The house seems to be very  big and expansive in my dream, which I believe is a good thing. For me, I am expanding my awareness of myself, and I am growing within.  Through my dreams and also to bring in more abundance and love into my life, I was inspired in the last few weeks to declutter my closets, cabinets and drawers of things I do not need anymore. I have been to the Salvation Army at least 6 or 7 times to give away things that are no longer useful to me.  I have had a shredding truck come to my home twice in the last two weeks to shred 13 years of mail and bank statements  that I  stuffed in a filing cabinets in back of my closet. Those bank statements represented my hidden fears, beliefs and insecurities about money.  They are now gone, and I literally feel lighter.

Usually when I dream about celebrities, it either means my strong desire to be recognized as an important person in the work that I do or that business is going to pick up. Kelly crying  is me crying on the inside to clear out the emotions, insecurities and fears within me.  Instead of comforting her, I went downstairs (into my deeper self) and cleaned the rust out of my bathtub.  To me, the rust represents cleansing myself of my fears, beliefs,insecurities and some unconscious memories about money. Since there was only rust on a quarter of the bathtub, it is showing me how much I am healing. A bathtub, to me, is my state of mind, and I am healing.  My brother showing up in my dream and talking to the family friend. Well the family friend is someone I have known since I was 4 years old. She is important to me. My brother suddenly appearing on my couch and answering my phone means to me that he is answering my call for something (smiling).