I programmed my dreams with God, my spirit guides and my dream angels for removing obstacles that are in the way of my prayers being answered. I have been repeating the prayers for love, prosperity, enlightenment and happiness from the book “Illuminata” by Marianne Williamson. I woke up around 7:15am with the following dreams:


My dream recall was excellent last night. I specifically asked to remember the dreams and messages and healing energy when I woke up in the morning. I was lucid dreaming, because I was telling myself what to remember in my dreams.

I was talking on the phone to a long time friend of mine, Eldon. I was on the speakerphone, and I suddenly looked up to see a man standing in my kitchen. My first inkling was that he was an electrician here to fix my electrical. I immediately took it off speaker for privacy, and then I got off the phone altogether. The electrician then turned into a 2′ tall midget woman. I did not know what she was doing there, because she did not belong in my home. I had no idea where she came from. She even had her tiny luggage with her. I told her she had to leave or I was going to call the police. She then put on her PJ’s and was brushing her teeth. Finally, a female neighbor came over, and we got her out. We immediately went and closed the screen door. We heard the doorbell ring, assumed it was the 2′ midget woman, and ignored it. My neighbor then went into my spare bedroom, and saw all these beds lined up with tons of clothes, etc. all over the room and on top of the beds. She said “What is all my stuff doing in here?” We figured it was the 2′ tall midget woman who transferred the stuff from my neighbor to my spare bedroom.


I am traveling. It looks like I am flying somewhere to go on a cruise. There are two women friends flying with me. It feels like I was not expecting to fly right then, because I did not have my passport with me, and I did not have my flight details. I felt in the dream like I was in some kind of daze or time warp. I don’t remember going to the airport or anything. I assumed I had luggage. The two other women got their tickets right away, no problem. For me, it took forever for the woman to process my ticket. She was not processing my ticket fast enough. In the dream, I felt confused, because I did not have the flight information in front of me. While this was happening, something happened to my memory, and I could not remember the two women’s names even though they were actual friends. At one point, one of my friends fell right outside the door, and everybody rushed to help her. She was OK. At one point, the two women disappeared, and I went to go find then. Realizing that I had not gotten my ticket yet, I went back to the ticket counter. I then literally heard a female voice in my ear yelling LINDA!


I see Angel Number 2 as a message to have courage, faith and trust in the angels and Universal Energies as the answers to my prayers are are manifesting for me. It is not completely obvious to me just yet, but I am beginning to feel the vibration of change going on inside me. Try to get the ticket to fly,  feels like my patience is being texted and I am anxious to spread my wings. I have to, however wait for Divine right time.

The 2′ tall midget in the first dream segment represents for me my stunted dreams and fears that have been holding me back in life and me not living up to my full potential, since I asked God, my spirit guides and my dream angels to remove the obstacles that are holding me back from my prayers being answered. I no longer want to hold back anymore, which is why I asked the midget to leave. She took her baggage with her. The clutter all over the bed is my inner clutter. I have recently done some major decluttering of my master bedroom and my spare bedroom. The dream s showing me all the clutter all over the bed and the small luggage that the midget had that there is still a little bit more emotional clutter that I need to release in my love life.  The neighbor could have been my inner me wanting to get rid of all my unwanted clutter, junk.  The electrician represents electricity, and the vibrational currents going through me as I am preparing for change. It represents yin yang balance to me as well.

In the second dream scenerio, I might have been attempting to astral travel, since I was not sure where I was or what I was doing. I believe my dream angel yelled Linda in my ear to get my attention.

My good friend, Amy, and I are both certified dream coaches; and as dream coaches, we consider ourselves to be Dream Partners. We have programmed eachother’s dreams for eachother in the past with great success, and we talk about our dreams every morning. She told me this morning that she had tried to astral travel with me last night, and she seriously thinks that it was her who yelled LINDA in my ear to get my attention. It makes sense since I was confused as to where I was going and why I could not get my ticket to travel right away. I also think that the travel dream were my dream angels  telling me to be patient, and that my prayers and wishes will unfold in perfect divine timing.

Amy and I are going to program eachother as Dream Guides/Partners into our dreams tonight to help us move forward in our life and release our past. Stay tuned……