Linda Kaye
Psychic Medium & Dream Coach
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Last night, I programmed my dreams  with Archangel Raziel, my Dream Doula and my Soul for the specific purpose of cutting the cords of the vow that my soul made in a past life as she was passing on. The vow that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my soul made in transition was the vow of suppressing my power entering into this lifetime.  Although I did not post the dream from the night before, it was made very clear to me in that dream.  I have always had a fear of using my power, which is why I did not drive until I was 40 years old. Suppressing my power effected many things in my life – my wealth, sex, my psychic abilities and more. I was amazed by my psychic abilities, but afraid of them at the same time, and thank God I worked through that. I know I was born to do psychic work in an honest way to help people. All through my growing up years, I was withdrawn, and I hid inside myself. I felt like it was safe to hide inside myself. I had a strong mother who had very high expectations of me, and I was afraid of those expectations. I suppressed  my power out of fear, guilt and shame that I also know came from that specific life time. I am aware that wealth is power, sex is power. love is power ,and then there is my psychic powers. I’m in this lifetime to learn to claim my power, and to cleanse my soul of any misused power from the previous lifetimes.


In my dream, there were three men that represented three vows that I made, which is in my genes (my DNA). The vow that I experienced cutting the cord in my dreams was the vow of suppressing my sexual power. It was represented by a man who came to me and said in essence that I should have sex with him, because he has a small dick . I found him to be rude, so I exercised my power and told him off.  I then continued on with my life, and he became silent. I sensed that in the dream I burned this man alive in memory.  This makes sense to me, because about 30 years ago (in real life), I met a gentleman at a networking breakfast. When I looked into his eyes for the first time, it brought back intense memories of a past life with him. It was as if a movie was playing in front of me. During the meeting, we were both nervous and shaking and even dropping silverware. It was quite unnerving. There was a lot of sexual energy between us. He turned out to be married. After recalling that vision, I did not  want anything to do with him. I was horrified.  His wife was a psychic as well.  In that past life, I was betrayed by the soul of that man. I had an affair with  him in that past life. He was the head of the city council. He betrayed me and turned me in for being a witch. I remember in my past life recall bursting into his office and screaming at him “You betrayed me”. I am pretty sure I was burned at the stake.


I had feelings of being offended and a great amount of anger towards the man who approached me sexually. I also had feelings of him trying to cross my boundaries and feelings of betrayal.


Aside from the past life that I mentioned earlier, I have been very aware of one past life of mine since I was a child. Our family moved into this house in 1957 when I was 6 years old, and I constantly experienced de ja vu feelings. I knew and felt the woman that my soul used to be on a daily basis. I would especially experience de ja vu feelings in the doorway of the bathroom and standing in front of the mirror at the bathroom sink. She made her presence known to me. .I knew that she was very beautiful, and that she had long beautiful brown flowing hair. She had a special brush that she used to brush her hair. I used to know her name, and I could see her grave stone.

As long as we lived in that house, she made her presence available to me. I also knew that she was NOT a very nice person, and that she had used men for money. She abused her power-the power of her beauty, the power of wealth,  her psychic powers her sexual powers. I never shared this information with anyone until I became an adult. A number of years ago, I did some research on the house, and I discovered that it had been built in 1948.  There was a family that lived there, and they had a daughter, but that is all I discovered.  All the houses in that area were torn down and made into a Hertz Parking Lot for the L.A. Airport around 1969. Now it is also possible that I experienced two different past lives in that house. Although I had never been to Inglewood High, every time we passed it, I would get those de ja vu feelings of having been there and knowing my way around there.  Inglewood High was built in 1908. It is possible that the beautiful woman with the long brown hair was from a lifetime way before that house was built. The primary feelings that I have experienced all through my life are fear, guilt and shame.