I have been fascinated by dreams for quite some time now, which is why I was inspired to fly to New Mexico in August of 2016, to take a week long dream class through Denise Linn to become a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner.  Programming my dreams has become a major part of my healing process for myself, and it has proved for me to be the most effective method of healing myself. I enjoy going on my night time healing dream journeys.

DREAM PROGRAMMING FOR MONDAY NIGHT 5/23/17 – “Dear Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel,  please help me to experience oneness with my divine source in the most surprising , exciting and  profound ways that I will recognize. I ask that you please  work with me in my dreams  in helping me to make a major paradigm shift  from a scarcity belief paradigm to an abundance belief paradigm. Thank you. I am grateful”.

MY DREAM  – I am embarrassed, because suddenly out of the blue I am having an extremely heavy period. I keep asking “How can this happen? I am 66 years old”.  I am not in a medical facility. It feels more like a gym. There are doctors around, and one or two of them are checking on me. I ask them “Is it because I am drinking coffee again?” I had to ask someone for a pad. I wrapped my old  pad up, put it in a paper bag and threw it in the trash. Someone else  finds it, unwraps it and shows it to everyone.

MY DREAM INTERPRETATION – Yes, for real, I am 66 years old.  Heavy menstruation in my dream for me means a releasing of some heavy blockages that are preventing me from allowing myself to love again, and it also means the releasing of some heavy emotional trauma that I went through in the year 2000. This year was my year from hell.  I went through a very traumatic event in which I lost a man I loved to someone else and simultaneously lost  the group of friends I hung out with. I belonged to a nudist resort in California at the time, and I went there every weekend. I had never felt so connected in my life. I felt like I belonged.  It felt like heaven to me every time I would drive through the gates of this nudist resort. I would arrive at the resort very early in the morning and I would  immediately sit outside drinking my coffee. It tasted like heaven as well. Once the relationship and everything else fell apart there, I grieved for a long time; and as a result, I began having stomach problems. Since I associated coffee with being in heaven, I could no longer drink coffee. Here it is 17 years later, and for the last few weeks I have been drinking coffee in the mornings without even realizing that I have been experiencing a transformation through all the dream healing that I have been doing  I am beginning to  finally get my heaven back. The shift has been so subtle that it had kind of a way of sneaking up on me.  I feel like this is most certainly a Paradigm Shift, and I am also experiencing oneness with my divine source.  I feel relieved. Thank you God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel.

My action plan is to continue the work that I am doing in programming my dreams and in dream healing.