I have been a professional love psychic medium for more than 30 years. I blog my dreams almost every day, so that you can see the real authentic me. I am not perfect by any means, but I am willing to show you the real me. I have made some incredible changes, and I have experienced some major ah ha moments just through programming and blogging my dreams over the past year.  I invite you to follow your own dream path, so that you too can evolve, grow and heal through your dreams. This is why I share my dreams.


Dear Archangel Chamuel. Please continue to work with me in my dreams tonight to unite me with my soul mate/my twin flame, and then please help us to meet in the physical world.  Please also continue to nurture the seeds of true love that were planted inside of me a few nights ago in my dreams. Thank you. I am grateful.


I might be  in my home or it just feels like someone else’s home. There is an interview going on. During the interview, I notice how ugly the furniture is and how mismatched it is. I want to make changes and move the furniture around. When I mention it to the woman being interviewed , she starts crying, and she says no. She wants everything to remain as it is. I also suggest that the bed be taken out of the living room, and I am told that it is a one room place. I have this doll that I love, and this little girl comes over and gives me something all Christmasy and sparkly. I take it, but then she tries to take my doll. I tell her no, and I give her back what she gave me. Someone is outside in the snow standing on top of the car trying to get the snow off the car.


I feel like Archangel Chamuel brought my issues into my dreams tonight to show me what I need to work on within my own inner belief system. There are many times in which I worry about myself not being good enough for love. In reference to the furniture being mismatched, it appears that I do not have a good feeling about myself.  I am working very hard to make changes within myself, so I can be a good match for the right man. I definitely want to make changes, but the woman crying makes me feel like part of me wants to stay single and alone.

When I was young, my parents would take our toys and ship them to my father’s family behind the Iron Curtain in Russia. I had a beloved rag doll that my mother took away from me. I was heart broken that she took it away from me. I never actually forgot that rag doll. Years later, when I was in my late 30’s or early 40’s, I told her how I felt when the doll was taken from me. She went out and bought me a rag doll. I still have it.  I stood up for myself in the dream, and said NO to the little taking the Rag Doll away from me. For me, it was as if my parents were denying me love when they took it from me. The little girl is my inner child who has never felt like she deserves to keep everything and everybody that she loves in her life. Now, is the time for transformation. I am ready.

To me, a car represents my mindset about myself. It is buried in snow, and someone is shoveling the snow off the top of the car, which to me means that I am opening up and willing to face my future in a new light.



To continue to work on myself through my dreams, to pay attention to my dreams and to take action while I am awake.

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