Psychic Love Readings By Linda Kaye "Pink Chick"

My dream blog is a very important part of healing through my dreams, and I am grateful for my wonderful dream recall.  I programmed my dreams last night with Archangel Raphael & Archangel Michael, so that they could help calm my mind and for me to experience beautiful, healing, uninterrupted and transformational dreams for my body, mind and spirit. The purpose was so that I could feel well rested in the morning. I have been dreaming and astral traveling so much in my sleep that I have been waking up exhausted. This morning I woke up feeling absolutely refreshed and full of energy.


I am driving to my gynecologist’s office, and my car is suddenly stalling. The gas pedal is not working. I keep pumping on the gas pedal, and I finally get it to start moving again. I arrive at my gynecologist’s office. I owe my doctor money, something like $18. It is a small amount. I have the $18, and I am trying to figure out how I am going to pay him. For some reason, the alternative is to spend the night at his home. His wife is there, and she is fine with me being there.  After she goes to bed, he is kind of flirting with me on MY couch. Before I go to bed, I realize that it is not as humid as I expected it to be, so I consider putting on a sweater to keep me warm. I do not wear the sweater though.


For the record, I am not attracted to my gynecologist. I literally woke up thinking that something was wrong with my car.I was then reminded that this is what is happening to my golf cart. It is stalling just like in my dream. I have someone coming to look at it tomorrow.


I had another dream within the last few nights in which my car was stalled and prevented from turning left, because the gas pedal was not working in my car. I feel like the dream that I just woke up from this morning  is letting me know that all aspects of my intimate and romantic life are on hold right now.  I really do want to move forward in my love life. Perhaps my gynecologist symbolized the opening of the doors to sexual intimacy. Perhaps I want things to happen more quickly then they are. My life is like stop and go, stop and go. Deciding not to put on the sweater for me is good, because I do not need to cover up and wear layers.

Angel Number 18 shows me that I about to go through a new phase in my love life. Perhaps new romantic opportunities will be presenting themselves to me very soon. I feel like Angel Number 18 is also showing me that I am becoming more prosperous, which I feel is true. I am blessed. Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael want me to trust them and to have faith, and I do.