I programmed my dreams last night with my Dream Doula for experiencing deep healing and restorative sleep. I also asked my Dream Doula to work with me while I am sleeping & dreaming and while I am awake in making a paradigm shift, so that I can give birth to and maintain the perfect sexy juicy long term, healthy, committed  relationship for me with the perfect sexy juicy soul mate for me.



I finished using my house/work phone, and I put the receiver back on the phone.  Suddenly the receiver to the phone disappears. I am upset, because this means that I cannot make or receive calls without the receiver. I could not find it anywhere. I look in the drawers by the phone; and although there is all kinds of crap in them, the receiver is not there. All of a sudden I walk into the room, and there are two new different kinds of phones just sitting there waiting for me in their packages. They have the receivers and everything. It is my choice which one I want to use. They were from this man that I dearly care about, and that was his gift to me.


I know that I have to be able to receive and accept love in order to be in a long term relationship with a man. The man that I received the phone with the receivers from in the dream is someone that I have a beautiful soul connection with, but lately there has been no communication between us. We have some issues to work out. I feel like he is choosing not to communicate, so as not to deal with the issues that stand between us. He did, however, in real life give me the beautiful gift of rediscovering the ability to love and the passion within me. What a beautiful gift it is to receive like that.  For me, the two different kinds of phones represents two different men. One man is the man I have a soul connection with and the other is perhaps someone I do not know yet. Maybe the gift from the present man is the gift of communication. Time will tell.


A man gives some woman information on how to clear up her stomach issues. I tell him that I have those same issues, and that I will buy the information from him. The man appears in front of me and somehow touched me in the most sweetest and most loving way.  I felt so much love from this man, and I felt he was guiding me. He says that he will take care of it, and for me not to worry. I needed that love. He felt so real.


I can tell you this. I have had stomach issues my whole adult life. I was married once between the ages of 19 and 21. I have not remarried due to the fact that I felt trapped in my marriage. I am an independent woman, and I can take care of myself; however, staying single all these years has had an effect on my stomach for sure. It was either my brother or the man I was most recently involved with. My brother has never been that kind and loving towards me, so I strongly believe that it could be the man I was recently involved with. He was so genuinely loving to me in this segment of the dream as if he came into my dream to heal me of my stomach issues. He felt so real. Did he visit me in my dreams this morning? Perhaps.


Both dream segments occurred very early in the morning somewhere between 3 and 6am. My thoughts about my dreams last night and this morning were that my Dream Doula is working on me to help me heal my relationship issues and to heal me of the issues with the man I was recently involved with. I have to heal in order to move forward with him (and so does he),  or I have to move forward without him. My Dream Doula is guiding me. I am grateful to her. I am looking forward to my dream journey tonight.

I have been given the blessings of my psychic abilities and my dream coaching abilities. Please visit for more information on what I do.