Last night, I programmed my dreams with the Angels Of Prosperity to work with raising my wealth condition, so I can reach my goal that I set for myself.


I dreamed I had a visitor, and that I was strongly drawn to this person. We were on the verge of getting involved. Suddenly, I realized that the man I had an attraction for was actually a masculine woman dressed in in ugly blue. She was not sexy at all, and she was dressed like a man. I was like OH NO.

My house seems to have a downstairs to it. I hear that all the bedrooms downstairs have been set up and staged to look beautiful, because other bedrooms were being sold. My home was not being sold. I decide to go lie down, because I need to rest before I see my guy. All of a sudden strangers are walking through my house. I am literally screaming at them to get out of my house. I tell them that this is a private residence,  that they are intruders, and that they are not welcome here. I am also screaming at them that I am going to call the police. People are coming through the front door as well. Some of them sit down to rest, and they are not effected by me screaming for them to get out. I tried to lock the door, but I had difficulty with the lock. Someone had to show me how to use it. Then I hear music, and I am unable to turn the music down. That’s when I realize more strangers have entered the house.


My dreams last night had a lot to do with intimacy and relationships, because of  the bedrooms in the dream. I have trust issues stemming from childhood when it comes to love, lust and money. For me, they are the same. I was raised not to trust men, especially with my money; because according to my mother, men will only want me for sex and money. My mother had a masculine role in our middle income family house while I was growing up. She controlled the purse strings for sure (not my father), and she also instilled a lot of guilt in me having to do with relationships with men.  I honestly think that the masculine woman in the dream was my mother TRYING TO control me financially and sexually; although, she was not successful with the later. I honestly believe that in this dream I am screaming at the intruders, because they represent my mother and my past beliefs and fears about prosperity,  love and lust.