I programmed  my dreams  with God, Archangel Chamuel and Goddess Lakshmi in working with me while I am sleeping and dreaming and while I am awake in making a love paradigm shift, so that I can experience being in a long lasting relationship for myself. I also asked them to work with me while I am sleeping and dreaming and while I am awake in making a paradigm shift, so that I can divinely experience even greater financial freedom and financial security.


Someone I know named Dave was in my dream.   In my dream, THEY kept changing or changed the room that I was in. I also saw rain outside, and an  umbrella was handed to me to protect me from the rain.


Dave is someone I know whose wife died a few years ago.She is and always will be the love of his life, and it is clear that his love for her will never die.  They have a forever love. Dave showing up in my dream is my symbol for what I strongly desire to have in my life, a long lasting relationship.  I sense that God, Archangel Chamuel and Goddess Lakshmi  changed the room I was in.  To me,  that means that my dream guides are working with me in making the paradigm shifts that I need to make in order to change my state of mind.  For me, the rain means that I am releasing a lot of past emotions, beliefs, insecurities and fears that no longer serves me. The umbrella (which was open) was protecting me fro the negative beliefs that I am releasing. Umbrella protecting from sadness possibly.


I will program my dreams tonight in making a paradigm shift from lack to riches. Riches to me means love, prosperity, abundance, success and greater financial freedom.