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Our souls live inside your physical bodies, and our souls travel from lifetime to lifetime and body to body “touching” souls,  and many times we are blessed beyond measure to connect with those ever so familiar souls. It is when our soul captures another soul’s heart, that we feel emotionally, spiritually and sexually alive, because finally air is flowing through our hearts. One way to connect with a soul mate is through our dreams. Our souls yearn for when we connect with our dream lover in our dreams where love is timeless between two souls, because that is when we know he/she is on the way to connect in the physical world.  All we have to do is ask and leave the door open.

I am a dreamer and a writer. I write with my heart and soul. I make love with my heart and soul.  I kiss with my heart and soul. I laugh with my heart and soul. I express joy and sorrow with my heart and soul. I blog my dreams, what’s in my heart, my joys, my sadnesses, my successes as a way of expressing myself. Some of you may like how I express myself, but others won’t. My blog is not for everyone. I am thrilled with my ability to not only heal myself through my dreams, but also to be guided through my dreams.  What a beautiful gift that God has given me. I am grateful. Thank you God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel.

Last night, I programmed  my dreams  with God,  Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raphael to work with me in my dreams and while I am awake in creating deep healing within me, so that I can experience a long lasting relationship with whomever God and the Angels choose for me. I asked them to divinely guide me to him in my dreams.  I also asked them to work with me in making a paradigm shift to a higher wealth frequency and a higher income level, so that I can save more money and pursue my traveling bucket list.


There is a contest that I am running on the beach. It also feels more like  the resort that I live in. I have to choose the  winner. I find the winner, and I announce that person. Donna is in this dream.  Suddenly , it starts raining profusely, and I mean torrential run out of the blue. We have to run out of the intense rain.

Dream Interpretation – Donna is in this dream, and she represents being very happily involved in a relationship. Someone has also won my heart.  To me, rain means  tears and deep emotion, and a lot of it. Will the tears ever end? Will the love begin? Only my soul knows for sure, because my soul has been touched by the soul of another.


I decide to catch a bus, so I stop the bus.  I tell the bus driver that I have to go get my stuff. He says he will wait. In all reality, I have not packed yet, so I run home. I start grabbing clothes, and then more clothes. I know I am taking too long to get ready. There is so much to do to get ready. I know the bus is not going to wait for me for this long. I have to let the bus go.  I figure he has probably already gone anyway.

Dream Interpretation -First interpretation – I feel very emotional when I remember this segment of the dream. The bus left without me, and I am left here to sort through all my emotions (represented by the clothes). My soul feels lost, and my heart feels alone.

My second interpretation –  I always get similar dreams right before I travel of not being packed and ready, like I am going to miss the plane.  This is because I always overpack, and I am afraid of not having everything I need.  This time, I am not catching a plane. It involves a  road trip to the terminal.  I am excited, because  I am going on a Caribbean singles cruise in 6 weeks. I have another singles cruise in May, 2018 to Europe to visit Barcelona, Italy and France (on my bucket list).


My friend met this guy. I cannot remember the details, but I believe they established a connection with each other. Then suddenly I see him alone sitting by himself eating. I am surprised, and we make small talk.  I go outside with the other singles, and then suddenly he transforms into the man who has my heart. He is sitting by himself alone eating away from the group and me. I ask myself why is he not with me? I go inside to get him, and I am confused as to why he is sitting away from me.

Dream Interpretation – I wake up feeling emotional. I long for the soul who has my heart.


I will continue to ask for  healing within me, so that I can experience a long lasting soul mate relationship with whoever God and the angels choose for me. I am leaving it up to them.  I will declare divine order in my finances and in my business.