Linda Kaye

I woke up to this dream on November 19. If we truly and deeply love someone, but if the love does not FEEL mutual, just know that we have the ability and the power within ourselves to  manifest  a new love and soul mate relationship.  Each and everyone of us has more then one soul mate. All we have to do is enter the Vortex and dream . Always give it to God and the Angels, and they will guide us to a soul mate who is ready to give and receive love.


Dear God, Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raphael. While I am sleeping and dreaming tonight & while I am awake, please help me to enter into the vibrational vortex where my  soul mate/ twin flame/ life partner  (whoever he may be) is waiting for me  and help us to become a vibrational match for each other, so we are both ready for a long lasting committed relationship. Please also help me also to enter into the vibrational vortex where all my wealth is waiting for me, and then help me to be a vibrational match for all the wealth  that is waiting for me. Please help me to wake up in the Vortex and to stay in the Vortex. Thank you. I am grateful.


I woke up at 4:30am without any memory of a dream. I was disappointed when I went back to sleep; however, I started lucid dreaming somewhere between 4:30am and 6:30am in the morning.

I need to wet my hair, because it is stick straight from my keritan treatment yesterday (for real).  I turned on the shower faucet not expecting the water to come out with such force. . It surprised me. I was blasted with water, and my hair definitely got wet.  I turned it off quickly, but then I turned it on again. Still with force, so I turned it off.

There are 3 of us in a room. I am trying to have a discussion with them, especially the man. He feels like my brother, because he is ignoring me and treating me like I don’t exist.

I take my phone, which looks like one of those old fashioned home phones; and I unplug it. I then place it in the corner in what I feel is a bedroom where it is out of the way. I think to myself that if I need to use it, I will have to plug it in again.

Someone tells me I should extend my stay.

I am at work, and someone that I know comes to me with a stack of work for me to do. I don’t understand his instructions, so I put it on hold and leave it alone. He comes back, and I figure out that he wants me to look through these small envelopes with names on them to see if they match with anyone I know. If not, I can throw them away. I was going to do them later, but he wanted me to hurry up and do it NOW. I start to look through them.

I ran into someone I know in some public building. It is a huge building with echoing halls. I asked her if she wanted to go to lunch, but she said no. I told her that it was ok, because I have to write down my dreams.


With the shower faucet, I truly believe that I entered the Vibrational Vortex to be cleansed and purified of my negative memories and beliefs. I was taken by surprise, because the cleansing was with such intense force. Being in the Vortex is very powerful, and it was washing away my negative memories and emotions from childhood. These are past memories that effect my love relationships in the present.

The dream memory of 3 of us being in the room, and my brother ignoring me while talking to the other person is how I feel my relationships are. I feel they turn their back on me and do not take me seriously. I wonder if my relationship with my brother has a direct effect on my relationships with men, because it emotionally effected me. We have never been close. The number 3 is a symbol of my past, present and the future.  It is is a sign that whatever I experienced in the past is the result of my present. Being in the Vortex is showing me what I need to work on in order to be in vibration with a soul mate who is ready for a relationship.

Taking my phone, unplugging it, and placing it out of the way in the corner of the bedroom means to me that I am being unplugged from a relationship that was going strong.

Someone telling me that I should extend my stay is telling me that I need to stay in the Vibrational Vortex and not ever leave it.

The person who appeared as my boss in my dream was wanting me to look through the names while I am in the Vortex to see if there are any vibrational matches for a relationship for me.