Linda Kaye

Dear God,  Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel. While I am sleeping and dreaming tonight & while I am awake, please bring me into the vibrational vortex where a beautiful  soul mate/twin flame connection  is waiting for me, and where we are a vibrational match for each other for a long lasting relationship.   Also in my dreams tonight, please help our souls to meet and  connect in the most profound ways that I will recognize and clearly remember, so when we meet in the physical world, we will already be connected,

Also, please help me to be a vibrational match and to experience feeling worthy and deserving of all the wealth that is waiting for me in the vortex,  Help me  to feel worthy and deserving of great love and great wealth. Please also help me to wake up in the vortex, and help me to stay in the Vortex.


Dream Segment 1 – It seems like I am living in someone’s guest bedroom. It feels like a temporary situation. Every once in awhile, a man sleeps in the room as well.  Suddenly, the owner (a man) decides to redecorate and change the whole room. I get the feeling that he does not want me there anymore. I ask him, but he does not answer me. He leaves me up in the air as to what happens next.

Dream Segment 2 – I attend an event in an open air parking garage. I park my car, and I get out of my car. I am sitting in a half circle booth with another lady, and this naked man with tattoos all over his body comes over to us. He sits down. She gets up and leaves, and then it is just him and me. He does not seem too impressed with me, so he gets up and leaves. Later, I am hoping I can find my car in a sea of cars. Turns out, it is a very small parking garage, and my car is right there.

Dream Segment 3 – In this dream segment, I have a sense that I might be lucid dreaming. It is right before I wake up. I am on a cruise ship. My first love is there, but I don’t recognize him. He looks much older. . A woman takes my hand and brings me over to him. She tells me who he is. We hugged, and I told him I loved him. Love transcends time and space.


All the dream segments that I remember seemed to be healing dreams in the Vortex.

Dream Segment 1 – I feel like this has to do with the man (soul mate)  I was recently dating.  In the dream, he was redecorating the bedroom. To me that means that he wants his intimate space, and part of that means not wanting to communicate.The fact that he did not answer me in the dream when I asked him if I had to move, makes me wonder if  it is over or if  I will ever be invited into his private space again.

Dream Segment 2 – The man I was recently dating has a couple of tattoos. I think that is him in the  dream sitting down with all the tattoos. He  leaves the table, because he does not feel comfortable being around me, because he has withdrawn from me.  It is also a memory of  this man, a girlfriend of mine and myself sitting down for lunch. She leaves for an appointment, and so we are alone connecting and kissing. After that, I think I am lost. I then realize I am ok, because my car was right there, and I have control over the direction my life goes in after all.

Dream Segment 3 –  This dream could  mean that one of the angels brought me to my first love from when I was 21, so that I could hug him and say “I love you” to him out loud. I never told him or spoke those words out loud to him. I always regretted it. I was 21 years old when I met him. He was 27 years old. In reality, I found out about 3 or  4 years ago that he passed away about 27 years ago. I definitely believe this was a healing dream (ship and water). Now there is a possibility that this could also be a precognitive dream, and that quite possibly I could meet someone on a cruise. Just sayin…..