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As a professional psychic medium for over 30 years focusing on love.  I will work with you in giving you an intimate and emotional look into your soul mate’s deepest thoughts, feelings and intentions towards you and if you have a future together. I will work with you as a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner and Co oach in helping you to open the door to love. We all have more then one soul mate; so  if one door closes, we can manifest a new soul mate through affirmations and through our dreams. First and foremost, we have to work on ourselves and heal the past like I am doing through my dreams. My dreams fascinate me, and I program my dreams every night.


Dear God,  Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel. While I am sleeping and dreaming tonight & in my waking hours, please bring me into the vibrational vortex where the  sexy juicy soul mate of my dreams is waiting for me (whoever he may be), and where we are a vibrational match for each other for a long lasting relationship.   Also in my dreams tonight, please help our souls to connect in the most sexy juicy profound ways that I will recognize and clearly remember, so when we meet in the physical world, we will already “know” and love  each other. If there is any healing to be done in order for me to be with my sexy juicy soul mate of my dreams (whoever he may be), please help us both to experience that healing in the vortex while I am dreaming and while I am awake.

Please also help me to wake up in the vortex, and help me to stay in the Vortex.


Dream Segment 1 – I live on the ground floor, and my sliding glass door faces the street. I don’t feel safe. Anyone can walk in. Some kind of delivery guy attempted to walk in. I said “Oh no!”. I then quickly closed the sliding glass door and locked it. I did not want him to walk through the house to his destination.

Dream Segment 2 – I am staying in a hotel, and a young girl removed the door to my hotel room. She was giggling. I found my way to the front desk to complain. There were a lot of people in line with numbers lower then me, so I had to wait. I gave up.


Dream Segment 1

Living on the Ground Floor to me means that I am connected to the street, the cars, the people. Perhaps I don’t feel safe leaving the door open to new love and  soul mate when I am still not ready to release in my mind the  recent soul mate that I was involved with. Perhaps the delivery man was going to deliver my new soul mate, but I shut the door on him. Perhaps, the delivery man was my soul mate.  This leads to Dream Segment #2.

Dream Segment 2

I was in a hotel room in my dreams the night before. The man down the hall had no door on his room. I could see everything – good and bad. Perhaps he is my new soul mate, and he is waiting for me to be ready.

Staying in a hotel room last night in my dreams, for me,  symbolizes that I am in transition from one lover/soul mate to another, and that it is time to change my way of thinking.   The young girl not only opened the door, she removed the door.  I think this is pretty powerful. The young girl I feel is me trying to get me to open up more to  a new lover/soul mate. She was giggling. and showing me that I can once again experience and express my playful, sexy, fun side when I am in an intimate and emotional relationship with someone.  I was upset (and I still am), because I don’t think I am ready to move on to someone new (in my mind) even though it feels over with my recent lover/soul mate. I am standing in line at the desk, and all these people had lower numbers then me. I can’t remember my number, but I know my number is higher. This tells me that I am at a higher vibration, and that I should not be waiting in that line. I know that even though I am not ready to let go of him, I am impatient for a new soul mate to enter into my dreams. I don’t think I ever got to the front of the line to ask them to put the door back on. I gave up being in line. It is a strong reminder for me not to look backwards, and always to look forward.


What is it going to take for me to get into the receiving mode and to stay in the vortex?


I have been listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks youtube videos about being in the vibrational vortex. With the dreams that I had last night, I wonder if I was in the vibrational vortex while dreaming; otherwise, I would have been in the receiving mode. Another way to look at it is that they are helping me to heal while I am in the vibrational vortex.

I can’t wait to go on the Abraham Hicks Vortex Greek Cruise in October, 2018.


I will ask God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel to help me to be in the receiving mode and to help me to enter the vibrational vortex while I am asleep and while I am awake.  I will also concentrate on being in the Vortex during the day.