Dear God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel. While I am sleeping and dreaming tonight, please work with me in releasing me from my past life vows of poverty, celibacy and solitude for the purpose of raising my wealth frequency and for finding my true perfect emotionally available soul mate. Please guide me into the arms of my perfect right soul mate in my dreams tonight, and help us to  connect with each other in the most beautiful, romantic and surprising ways that I will recognize and clearly remember, Help me to remember the dreams and messages regarding the releasing of my past life vows and my  soul mate tonight. Please also help me to feel deserving and worthy of prosperity, abundance and a long term loving relationship with a soul mate.  Thank you God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel. I am grateful.


I am in a course/field class where I am told to find a guy that I have have a crush on and connect with him, and maybe even do things with him. So I get in the  drivers seat of the car to start my journey in search  of the guy that I have a crush on, and then I am saying “No, I don’t have a crush on anybody”.  I then remember that I do have a crush on someone, and I can go find him; but wait…. I then remember  that there is even another guy that I have had a crush on in my past. I try to remember who it is, but I can’t. I cannot remember his name or what he looks like no matter how much I try to remember.  For some reason his upper body (trunk, stomach, chest), but that’s it. I’m trying to squeeze the memory to the surface from my mind, but I cannot. All I know is that he existed and that he was a significant part of my life.


I believe that my dreams guides were guiding me in this dream to find the guy I have a crush on, and that this dream has to do with my past life vows of celibacy. It feels to me like I am freeing myself of the past and present lifetime vows of celibacy. I am in the car in the driver’s seat, so I am in control of my love life – past, present and future. I am moving forward, and I am leaving my past behind. 

Perhaps another way of interpreting this that he is a soul mate in my past life who I am trying to bring into this lifetime through asking for a soul mate to come in. I am trying to squeeze him into this lifetime. He was significant. I get the message loud and clear, and I am thinking that my dream guides are not ready for me to see him yet. Perhaps they are feeling that I am not ready, and just maybe he is not ready for me yet either. I did feel the essence and presence of him in my vibration, but I can’t force it. He has to come to me naturally. 

Thank you God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel.