Dear God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel. While I am sleeping and dreaming tonight, please work with me in freeing me and releasing me from my past life and present lifetime  vows of poverty, celibacy, and solitude in the most surprising ways that I will recognize , so that I can move forward in my life into a higher wealth frequency, and so that I can attract a new  emotionally available soul mate to me for a long lasting relationship. Also help me to remember the dreams and messages regarding the releasing of my past life & present life vows and also in manifesting a soul mate relationship. .  Thank you God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel. I am grateful.


Dream Segment #1 – I think I was waiting for some tests to come back for the answers or I was being tested. For the results,  I plugged into an electrical socket, and there was a big electrical flash. It did not zap me or hurt me in any way, but it surprised me. It scared me a little bit, because it was so unexpected. 

Dream Segment #2 – I am in another country, and I am with a big group of singles. We were all taken to eat food in a restaurant. At first, we were served some sweets that were really good. We then waited and waited for the food, and it never came. I got impatient, and I finally asked the waiter when the food would be ready. He said 20 minutes. Twenty minutes seemed like a long time, since we had been there for so long. The people I was sitting with disappeared, and I decided to take a cab to where I was staying. There was another group of people sitting, and they told me that it would be too complicated to take a cab, since the cab drivers don’t speak English. They also said that I might get lost and that it would take longer. I don’t know if I ever got my food. 


Dream Segment #1 – The plug signifies to me energy and power, like being plugged into the universe (my power source) for what I desire in my life ( love and prosperity).  The electricity coming out of the wall is like POW! I connected. It surprised me. Perhaps I am not used to being and feeling that connected. It scared me for a moment, because I was caught off guard.. It did not shock, zap me or hurt me in anyway nor was I in danger, so I know that is a good thing.

Dream Segment #2 –  The number 2 represents union. Angel number 20 represents that I have been waiting and waiting for things to happen in my love life, and food in a restaurant is like I am waiting for spiritual and emotional nourishment.  I am losing patience, because I have been waiting a long time for a fulfilling relationship.Wanting to call a cab means that I making a call to action for things to happen fast, but again I have to be patient. My Dream Guides (God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raziel) are saying that things are about to happen for me in my love life and my financial life, but in God and the Archangels timing. Be patient they are saying. 


I am going to Montreal for a birthday party within the next few months, and there will be a lot of singles there.  I am also going on a singles cruise for the week of Halloween. Now, I am curious how things will play out for me in the coming months.