Dear God and Archangel Raphael.  While I am sleeping and dreaming tonight, please calm my mind and  surround me with your love. Please help me to experience deep healing and restorative  sleep tonight with at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Please help me to remember any important messages in my dreams that will  help me to transform my life without disturbing my sleep.


I am working with a woman in what feels like a radio station.  I have a sense that it is Denise Linn, because she walks into the radio station. I am so happy to see her. She hugs me . This woman who I believe to be Denise is running the radio station. She does not want to continue with the man that is working there, so she tells him to leave and fires him. I side with her, and I stay at the radio station. He is so angry that he threatens to burn the whole place down, so she wants me to come in and help her remove everything from the radio station before he does what he says he is going to. I tell her that I have not slept all night, and I might not be able to help her.


Honestly, I was having trouble getting to sleep last night, so I thought I was not sleeping. I actually thought this was really happening in real life, and I kept thinking I was going to be too tired to help her in the morning I did not realize that I was actually sleeping and that I was dreaming. Denise Linn is the fabulous dream coach who I received my Certification from to be a Gateway Dream Practitioner from in 2016. I am also excited to be going to Chicago for  Celebrate Your Life where I will be taking a full day workshop from Denise in June. I cannot wait to see her again.


Denise Linn appeared in my dream to comfort me, and guide me through my dreams. To me, a radio station is like broadcasting a message out to the universe. It could also be about receiving messages, since for me the radio is symbolic for spiritual communication. It seems like my dream guides and Denise were trying to guide me last night to remove obstacles to my progress in my life. I did feel like I received a message before I fell asleep that there is a lot of energy in my room with  the crystals that I HAD under my pillow and on my dream alter. In the middle of the night, I redistributed the crystals throughout my house. Yes, I do cleanse my crystals. I feel that there is some negative angry energy in my that I have been carrying around inside of me that is disturbing my sleep, and so I will do what I have done in the past and use Sage incense  in my house to remove negative energy that is keeping me from sleeping. I have been releasing a lot through my dreams, so it is time to cleanse my space.