Dear God and Archangel Raphael.  Please help me to have powerful healing dreams tonight, and surround my body, mind, soul and spirit with your light and whatever  healing energy that you feel I need  to live a healthy, happy, loved and prosperous life with who you feel is my twin flame. Help me to capture and remember the healing energy and  the angel messages that I receive in my dreams from you tonight and in the early morning hours in the most powerful and phenomenal ways that I will clearly recognize and clearly remember.


I woke up at 3:30 in the morning after the following dream segment, and then I had trouble getting back to sleep.  In the dream, I liked this guy, but he decided that he was not into me. He blew me off in writing saying that he was not into me.

I had trouble getting to sleep after that; however, I did finally fall asleep and dream. In the second dream segment, a female friend of mine, Beth, brought me a lot of healing crystals, and she placed them in a stack in my bedroom on the left side as you walk in the door. In the group of healing crystals was a very large healing Angel crystal that is translucent. I pick it up, and I hold it. I know the Angel crystal is special. 

I am trying to sleep, and this man is making so much noise. He is very loud, and I am worried that he will disturb the neighbors. I get the vibe t that he is trying to get my attention. He is staying with a relative on my father’s side. He comes in my room, and I  am asleep. He leaves, but not before throwing something on the floor of my room. Later I discovered that it was a long healing crystal. 


 The guy in my dream blowing me off saying he wasn’t into me, well that happened a number of months ago. I was hoping that I had put that in my past.  Perhaps God and Archangel Raphael are healing my feelings of rejection.  

I picked up the Angel crystal and held it. It was clear and translucent, and I know it was clear quartz crystal.  I felt like I was seeing through it, and I was being given clarity. I did ask for God and Archangel Raphael to surround me and heal me with their light for whatever they feel I need healing for. This  is a powerful sign that whatever is going on inside me with my fears, beliefs, feelings of rejection, etc., are being healed and cleansed by God and Archangel Raphael.

A crystal also represents health and wellness, so I strongly feel that God and Archangel Raphael were working on healing my health issues with crystals while I was sleeping and in my dreams. In Feng Shui, the crystals were placed in the knowledge and self growth section of my bedroom I am pretty sure for me to have enlightenment. There is a recalibration of energy for me going to a higher level. 

One way to look at this dream segment  is that the man who was being loud and vocal was Archangel Raphael trying to get my attention to work on me, so that I could be healed. I was asleep in the dream, so he threw the healing crystal in the middle of my room. I remember thinking to myself in my dream that now I have even more crystals. It felt real. Another way to look at this might be that the loud and vocal man was my twin flame, and that he was trying to get my attention. In my dream, the loud and vocal man was staying with one of the relatives on my father’s side.  There is a lot of healing that needs to be experienced with the relatives on my father’s side, and God and Archangel Raphael feel that it is important to heal that for healing my feelings of rejection.


In reality, when my father passed away in February 2001, his whole side of the family disowned us. My father adopted my brother and me when he married my mother. I was 6 years old. When my father died, his brother told us that we were not real blood, and so we were no longer welcome in the family. I was 50 at the time and quite shaken by not only my father’s loss, but by all the relatives that I had known since I was 6 years old. We have not spoken to any of them since.  This is what prompted me to move to move from Southern California to the clothing optional resort in Florida. I wanted a sense of family. There must be some healing that needs to be done in that area of my life.


I will call in God and Archangel Raphael again tonight. This time, however, I will ask for gentle healing, so that I can get a good night’s sleep.