Last night, I programmed my sleep and my dreams with God and Archangel Raphael for doing some healing on my thyroid issues,  for help in sleeping soundly all night long uninterrupted, and for help in waking up feeling like I had a good night’s sleep.


I am in a hotel, and it seems as if I have either I lost or misplaced my clothes due to some kind of natural disaster. I can’t find any pink clothes. I finally settle for a dark blue shirt and a dark blue pair of pants. I do not feel comfortable in them.  They do not feel like me. This woman that I met in the hotel comes up with another outfit, and a very cool outfit I must say. The whole outfit was black and white along with black and white glasses. I loved the outfit even though it was not pink.  There is a lot of music in the hotel with lots going on. In the hotel, I met an adorable very very tiny dog.  I would offer him a tiny piece of a carrot, and he would jump into my hand to eat it. I am in the lady’s room, and she  asks me to get her some steamed water after I told her I was going to get a snack. I started to look for the place to get a snack and her steamed water, but I got lost. I asked someone where it was, and this person said that I was having trouble finding it, because the music had stopped. I could not remember the lady’s last name or room number, nor could I remember my room number. I only knew that we were on the 7th floor. Well, at one point, I ran into the tiny dog. The tiny dog sees me from afar, and attempts to jump into my hand; however, he misses due to the fact that he is too far away. He is ok, but I felt bad for the tiny dog. 


Dreaming of a hotel to me represents a temporary situation that I am going through at the moment. The dark clothes represent what I am going through with my thyroid medication. The black and white outfit shows that the solution is very simple and black and white (not complicated). Thank God my thyroid issues won’t last long. I think about the tiny tiny dog and the small pieces of carrots. Carrots to me represents eating something healthy and healing. The small dog might be me, since I am only 4’10” tall,  and my dream guides are letting me know that small amounts of medication are better then too much. The dog missing my hand and falling is letting me know I am not quite where I need to be with my thyroid meds yet.  I got lost in the hotel, but I did remember that I was on the 7th Floor. That to me is a symbol for good luck.  For the woman that wanted the steamed water, water is a sign of cleansing. To me, steaming something is making it healthy. . I will find my way.

REALITY CHECK At the moment, My doctor and I are trying to find the right amount of thyroid medication for my hypothyroidism. It has been a struggle.