I woke up to the following dream Monday morning:


Last night,  I programmed my sleep  with God and Archangel Raphael for help and guidance in my dreams for anything important that I need to know and that I need guidance on.


 My new neighbors that are moving in downstairs have 3 children. They are  painting, redoing and sprucing up their place. They have a radio show, and they want me to be a part of it. Then all of a sudden they say that they are leaving, and that they are moving. They are taking the kids, and they are also going somewhere in Europe on vacation (can’t remember where). They then change their minds again, and they tell me that they are going to Bulgaria on their vacation. They are still, however, going to be doing their radio show. The wife and I are sitting and talking at a table in their condo, and the door is wide open. Crowds of people start running past the door into the condo next door for what I assume is a party. There were so many people, and I felt overwhelmed. At the table to the left of us are 3 men smiling. I swear they look familiar. They tell me that I am welcome to stay with them when I come here. I tell them that I live here, so it isn’t necessary. Then two of my neighbors (a couple) come in, and they sit at the table to the right of me. The alarm went off, so I didn’t get to finish the dream. 


 I feel like my dream guides are  telling me that I am making changes in my life, and I am moving forward into a new view of my life. I would like a sense of permanency in my life as far as a romantic relationships are concerned, but the men in my life do not seem to stay put. They are also telling me that lots of people (romantic and otherwise) come and go in our lives, and I will always be making new friends and creating new relationships.  The crowd of people running  past the door  overwhelming me could mean people and romantic relationships leaving my life  I am excited about some plans to go on a cruise, but part of me wants to go on a Mediterranean cruise out of Barcelona. I am indecisive about which cruises I want to go on, so I keep changing my mind. The radio, for me, means trying to communicate through the air waves with people that I have a desire to communicate with.  The 3 men sitting to the left of me smiling and offering me a place to stay could mean that my Archangels are working with me in helping me progress in my life.  These men could also mean that I will have choices in my love life. 

Angel number 3 means that the Archangels are encouraging me to be communicative and social with others. Number 3 carries the vibration of the Ascended Masters, so I wonder if they were the Archangels  and Ascended Masters who are supporting me.