Dear  Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and John Of God. While I am sleeping tonight and in my dreams, please do some healing on me to reprogram my body, mind, spirit and soul, so that I become healthier and healthier.  Please also work with me in my dreams to help me make a paradigm shift from a scarcity paradigm to an abundance paradigm, so that I can make more money, save more money and cruise more often,. Thank you. I am grateful.


I really like this guy, and I had something of his that I needed to return. I wanted to cuddle with him; however, I discovered that he had just hooked up with someone else. They were next door neighbors. I was disappointed. I invited myself to dinner with them, and they were quite agreeable to it. They then told me that they were going to a different restaurant then what they thought, and I was still invited. I am still wanting to return something to him. I am not sure, but I think I did return it to him. . I had my hair cut, and it is so short. It is also green.  I hate it, and I do not feel good with how short it is.  I realized while I was in the dream that it did not have to remain that way. I think I lucid dreamed, because my hair became longer.


I feel like this was a transformational dream. Since my hair was green, it had to do with FEELING financially secure. Dreaming of my hair being cut short means to me that I am cutting myself off from all the negative thoughts and beliefs that have been holding me back from FEELING prosperous. Short hair did not feel like me. I did not feel secure with short hair. I took my power back by lucid dreaming and growing my hair long again without the old negative beliefs. I transformed into new beliefs.