Dear Caer Ibormeith, Irish Goddess of Sleep and prophetic dreams, and Aengus Og, Irish God of Love. Please come into my dreams tonight, and do some healing on me tonight. Please help me to make a paradigm shift from being emotionally unavailable and unattainable to being emotionally available and attainable,  so that I can attract the right emotionally available soul mate to me for a permanent relationship. 


Somehow the refrigerator slid into my bedroom right next to my bed. It actually got there by itself. I was scared, because I did not feel safe anymore in my bed or my bedroom. A man dressed in white and red and a woman appeared in my living room. The man very clearly told me that it was time to move, and that I could not stay there anymore. The man seemed handsome and debonaire with very dark hair. He said that he was going to pick me up at a certain time. I think they were going to help me to make the transition to a new home. After they left, it started raining really intensely outside. I could feel some of the dampness of the rain inside the house. I was worried about my hair not looking good.  Suddenly, the lights went out. 


I understand the dream completely. The refrigerator sliding into my bedroom and right beside my bed represents me choosing emotionally unavailable men. Refrigerators are cold, and I have always had a fear of my inner space being invaded when I get too close in a relationship on all levels. It certainly does not stop me, but I know that fear is there. The man in red and white, I believe was Aengus Og, and the woman I believe was Caer Ibormeith. They have come there to help me to get out of that ” space” of not wanting to go too far in to share my sacred space.   He was dressed in red and white, because in the dream he is representing passion and love, and healing. When he was supposed to come get me,  it started to rain, and I felt some of that rain on me from the ceiling. I feel like Aengus Og was cleansing and healing me in order for me to make a paradigm shift from emotionally unavailable  and unattainable to emotionally available and attainable. The lights going out for me was showing me that I was leaving that ” space” of not feeling safe in sharing my sacred space and moving to a new open space where I feel safe in sharing my sacred space. , and it also represented me moving out of my past self into my new self.


I am at my nail salon getting my nails done. The nail salon is in a strip mall. My hot pink car was not parked in front of the nail salon. It was parked on the other side. Suddenly, out of the blue, a man bursts in yelling Pinky Pinky where are you? I kid you not. I turned around, because everyone calls me Pinky. I asked “Do I know you?”, and he said I am not sure, but I just had to meet you”. He kept saying wow wow wow look at you. You made my day.  He then went and got his buddy out of the car to come in and meet me. Because he was talking so loud, everyone in the salon stopped and stared. When he left, we were all like OMG what was that? I knew what it was. It was my dream guides confirming that I had experienced healing in my dreams last night.

I then immediately went to Walmart. I was talking to a friend of mine who I ran into there. Suddenly, out of the blue, a man came up to us, He looks at me and saying “Oh I have been wanting to meet you for so long”. I said really? Do I know you? He told me only on line,  and that I had blocked him. He said to me “I don’t understand. I am single, and you are single. Why did you block me”. I apologized, and he went on his way. I don’t even remember him or any interaction with him on line, but I understand fully that my dream guides are trying to say that I block emotionally available men from coming into my life. 

OMG! My whole day was full of amazing synchronicities. I will continue to work on this aspect of my life in my dreams tonight.