Last night, I programmed my dreams with my Spirit Ancestors to help me break free of the chains of poverty and scarcity passed down from generation to generation, so that I can experience feeling prosperous and blessed. I focused on my Spirit Ancestors, because I know that I am not poverty stricken by any means; however, I have a deep embedded fear of running out of money and not having enough, and this keeps me from enjoying my life to the fullest extent. I have programmed my dreams before for this situation, but it never occurred to me to call in my Spirit Ancestors for help in changing my mindset.


I am at a social event, and the party hasn’t started yet. I am waiting and waiting for the party to start. A woman gets sick, and the party is delayed. Again, I am waiting and waiting. I recognize a male friend in the dream who is also waiting for the party to start.


I know that I am waiting for things to happen in my life that will help me to transform my money mindset, so that I can stop worrying about money so much.I also feel that this has to do with my relationships with men, since I identify a man in my dream.  I know that it keeps me from really living my life at a higher vibration. I know that Mercury is in retrograde, so some of my delays could be from that.  I am very excited  but feel guilty about spending money  on a singles cruise in February. I am also booked on a Mediterranean singles cruise next year in November, and yes I feel guilty about spending money on that cruise too. All this guilt, fear and worrying is keeping me from truly enjoying my life to the fullest extent.

I believe strongly that the  woman who is ill in my dream is me. I have had some thyroid and hormonal issues since January, and it has only recently cleared up. I am finally back on track.  I believe the health issues I was experiencing were due to some emotional issues that I have been going through. I woke up today feeling at peace. I cannot wait to call in my Spirit Ancestors again tonight.

I spent the better part of the day wondering what my spirit ancestors are actually trying to tell me in my dream journey last night. This afternoon, I pulled a card from the Wisdom Of The Oracle card deck asking about what were the hidden influences in my dream last night. The card that I picked was BETWEEN WORLDS. I know that this card is telling me that I am in transition. In other words, I am not quite out of one situation and my scarcity mindset, and I am waiting for the shift in my mindset. I am anxious to make this shift, and I need to be patient. I am also in a place where I am unable to see what is ahead, and I am between what was and what will be.