Linda Kaye

Last night, I  PROGRAMMED MY DREAMS with my DREAM DOULA, my SOUL and my INNER CHILD.  I asked my chosen DREAM GUIDES  to work with my INNER CHILD and me in my dreams  with the intention of clearing out and erasing the effects of the old outdated core beliefs that I have been holding onto since childhood. It felt like love and money were withheld from me, because perhaps I was not good enough. As a result, I captured the core belief that everything and everybody that I love will be taken away from me. CLICK HERE to buy my kindle ebook “The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams“, in which I list the many DREAM GUIDES that you can explore DREAM PROGRAMMING with. 


I asked my chosen DREAM GUIDES to work with me in my dreams to  to find a balance within myself relating to the way I handle money and the way I feel about money.

I set my intention to lucid dream, and I asked for my DREAM GUIDES to take me back to my childhood; so that  I could change those yucky core beliefs and feelings  that started in childhood.

I asked  my DREAM GUIDES to continue to guide me and light my path to a higher income level and greater wealth and success for myself.


I keep going back and forth from being a woman to a man-feminine to masculine. Perhaps I am balancing myself? Perhaps this has to do with a past life concerning money; something perhaps to explore in a future DREAM JOURNEY.

If I take my heavy coat to work on a very cold day, I have to pay $50 to hang it up; so I go to my mom and dad (RIP). I ask them what they think I should do. I think I woke them up, because they were in bed asleep,. I  left their bedroom, and I made my own decision. My decision was to leave my heavy coat in the car and to put on a warm sweater when I get into work. I am then sitting outside their bedroom or their house, and my brother, Jimmy,  approaches me at 11:00 at night and asks me if I can boil some eggs for him. I tell him “No”, because I would have to watch the eggs and not go to bed until they boiled. He got pissed and went back in the house (kitchen).

I then drive to  work or somewhere. I leave my heavy coat in the car, and I put on a warm sweater. I go to sit in a chair at this big  table, and this girl prevents me from sitting in the chair.  She says to me “Too bad you lost”.  Someone else then sits there. I was very angry, because I felt like I was being made fun of and rejected. I immediately calmed down. I then went on the other side of the table and sat down. Everything was fine. Breathe, relax.

DREAM INTERPRETATION AND REALITY CHECKThe TOO BAD YOU LOST comment upset  me.  When I first woke up, I was concerned and worried about what I lost and what this woman meant by that comment. In the dream, I felt like a loser and that I was being rejected.  She tried to make me feel bad. I then went to the other side of the table, perhaps to a new view,  belief, or perception of myself? I felt better on the other side. Ah what a relief to perhaps have a new view. I have a true sense that through LUCID DREAMING I rewrote the DREAM, and it gave me a different point of view. Yeah, LUCID DREAMING, definitely helped me to changed it!

Perhaps the heavy coat represents the heaviness of my childhood where it relates to money. At first I ask my parents who are asleep. They no longer need to have influence over my financial decisions. I decided not to wear the coat, but a warm sweater instead.  I see now that I held on to the emotional  heaviness of my childhood, which represents the heavy coat. I explore ANGEL NUMBERS, and I see that ANGEL NUMBER 50  is letting me know that the angels are telling me to live my life in the way that makes me happy, and to not allow my childhood  fears or my parents’ or other people’s fears, opinions and insecurities to hinder me  or swallow me up in any way.

I have one brother that I am not close with, but  I wish we were. My dad passed away in 2001, and my mother passed away in 2011. I believe my brother  is angry. My mother made sure that  we were all “comfortable”, but she made sure (being the only girl) that I was “comfortable” after her passing.  I used  most  of it to  travel,  take workshops,  enjoy my life, etc. etc.  My brother wanting me to boil eggs for him, TO ME, it represents his anger and how he wants to suck me in with his anger. I refused. Again, another LUCID DREAM.

  How can I change a PAST LIFE with my relationship with money, so that I shift my future prosperity?
I will continue to work on balancing my relationship with money in my dreams. Tonight I will ask my chosen DREAM GUIDES  for a PAST LIFE REGRESSION into a lifetime where money majorly influenced that  life, which effected this life.  I will change it through LUCID DREAMING.  I have decided that my chosen DREAM GUIDES for tonight are my DREAM DOULA, MY  SOUL and ARCHANGEL RAZIEL. 
Perhaps my brother will ask me to boil eggs for him in the future. LOL