DREAM PROGRAMMING – Dear God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.  Please  continue to work with me in my dreams and while I am awake in helping me to make a major paradigm shift in my life. Help me to switch from a scarcity paradigm to an abundance paradigm. This is so  that I can experience more freedom, security and comfort in my life, and so that I can enjoy the luxury of  doing a lot more traveling that I have been doing in the most surprising, excited and profound ways that I will recognize. I am ready for this paradigm shift, so that I can start the flow of money into my life right now.

I was raised in a household where my parents constantly worried about money even though they had enough. I took on that belief of scarcity; and no matter how much money I have or don’t have, I still carry around that scarcity paradigm.

I woke up several times during the night. The first time I woke up, I heard a deep loud voice as clear as a bell. He said “HEY!” I knew that it was one of the Archangels, and they were helping me to make a Paradigm Shift. For some reason, they wanted to keep me awake for part of it. As a result, I am pretty tired today. I also believe that there was an Archangel with feminine energy who came into my dream world last night as well.


Dream Segment #1-I know that I am going through some kind of transformation, and I am going  through big changes in the way I think and feel about money. I am looking through a big bay window, and there is a public pay phone very high up in the air along with scaffolding and metal. It feels like a construction zone. Someone connects me with a woman (perhaps a Doctor)  on that public pay phone, and she wants to work with me in healing and transforming me. I told her that I would come to her; and as I am speaking to her on that  phone. I do not see her. I just see the energy of someone.

Dream Segment #2 – There’s a big thunder storm, and I find myself in some kind of open warehouse or storage unit type of place waiting out the thunder  storm until it goes away. There were no doors on the building.  I am alone, but I see people’s stuff that I know there.

Dream Segment #3 – The woman next door to me parks in my parking spot, which is my actual driveway. I asked her why and to please move her car. She said that it was more convenient for her to park in my driveway (parking spot) then her own driveway, and that I should park across the way.


Dream Segment #1 –  It seems  as if the lines of communication are open between me and the angelic world,  since we are talking on the phone. The phone is very high up, so  that shows me that the information I am receiving is at a higher level of vibration. It also shows me that I am raising to a higher vibration in order to receive this phone call.  The phone is black, so the information seems to be private, and for only me to hear.  Since it is a pay phone, the information I am receiving has to do with money. The scaffolding shows me that I have a lot of spiritual support. Looking through the big bay window  and seeing the phone is to me a symbol that I am making a paradigm shift, because my thoughts are being reconstructed. I am looking beyond the physical world.

Dream Segment #2 –  Being inside in a thunderstorm, means to me that even though I am experiencing some disappointments right now, I am fully open to what is in front of me. The doors are wide open for me  to walk through.

Dream Segment #3 – The driveway is my path, but someone (which I now realize is me)   has been blocking my path. I tell her (me)  to move her car. I woke up before I could see if the car was moved; however, I was able to see the blockage and take steps to take care of it.


To continue my dream work with God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael; however, tonight I will call in Mr. Sandman to help me sleep.