The night before, (as I blogged it yesterday) after reading Robert Moss’s book, “Dreaming The Soul Back Home”,  I programmed my dreams to  meet, feel, see, connect and experience the soul of my beloved in my dreams. In my blog post yesterday, I blogged that in my dreams I broke out in pimples all over my face. I knew I was lucid dreaming, and I even said in the dream “Oy, I am releasing a lot of toxins”. I knew there was a lot of fear and feelings of unworthiness inside of me, so I programmed my dreams a little differently last night.

Once again, I programmed my dreams asking for my soul’s beloved  to come into my dreams; however, this time I asked to heal and remove my fears, insecurities and feelings of unworthiness allowing HIM to come into my dreams and into my life. This dream came very early in the morning (approximately 5am). I dreamed that I received an invitation to a party. The invitation felt like it was on water and possible in a nudist environment. After all, I live in a nudist resort (for real). I  was so ready for the party that I  got dressed up and fully clothed very early in the day only to discover that I was somewhat out of place, since the party was not until the evening. My interpretation of this dream proves to me that I am ready for HIM now.


The first card that I picked is called SOUL CAGE.  The meaning of this card is exactly how I have felt in my life.  It shows me that in my life I have felt restricted and limited. Yes, I have held back in my life due to feelings of fear and unworthiness. The second card I picked is DIVINATION. For me, it is saying that I am releasing some of the emotional heaviness that I have experienced in my life. The third card thatI picked is WATER FLIGHT.  The emotional heaviness lifts, burdens are cast away. It means weightlessness. To me, this is a good sign, because I am lighting the emotional load within me.  YAHOO!  Three weeks from today, I am boarding the Carnival Glory for a cruise. It is a nudist takeover of the ship.