I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael (for healing and guidance) and Mr. Sandman (for sleeping) into my dreams. Mr. Sandman never disappoints my need for sleep. I asked Archangel Raphael to light my path and point in the right direction for connecting with the right people, places and opportunities for  expanding my business, selling more of my ebooks, finding love and experiencing more financial freedom, so that I can travel more.


First Dream Snippet – I literally dreamed that I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down the first snippet of my dream, but when I woke up in the morning fully expecting to read my first dream snippet, it was not there. Haven’t recalled the first dream snippet yet, but it is on the tip of my brain.

Second Dream Snippet – There was a bus trip planned, and we were leaving at 4am in the morning.  I started talking to some man who let me know that there was an alternative way of going that was not at 4am in the morning.  I then introduced the man to the bus driver who was asleep in the chair, so that that they could work out the details.  I was relieved that I would not have to get up at 4am in the morning. I  could not remember the bus driver’s name to introduce them.


I had a phobia about driving until I was 40 years old, so I took buses everywhere. For me, it was like living life in slow motion. I was angry every day until I finally got a car; and then slowly I got over my phobia about driving. I believe Archangel Raphael thinks that I am not listening to him. The more difficult way was to leave at 4am. Archangel Raphael wanted to let me to let go of how his guidance happens. Going at 4am is the more difficult path. The alternative route is better and easier. I believe that they want me to have a more solid foundation to build my life on.


Damn, I thought I got up and wrote it down.


What’s next?


To be  open to any path that Archangel Raphael or any other Archangel might suggest for me, and for Archangel Raphael to show me my highest and best way. I am asking Archangel Raphael to guide me in a less tiring way, and an easier way to relax and let blessings and prosperity come to me with absolutely no expectations.


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