Linda Kaye
Love Psychic Medium and Dream Coach
As I got into bed last night and pondered who my chosen dream guides would be, I suddenly I felt an overpowering energy in my chest area. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was GOD’s energy. I knew he wanted me to program him into my dreams. I programmed GOD into my dreams asking for his divine messages to be loud and clear for me and to be delivered to me in a surprising way that I will recognize. I also asked to go to a higher vibration in all areas of my life.
I am at some kind of gathering in a different time zone with a group of people that I know from the community I live in. All of a sudden, I look down at my nails, and all the acrylic has fallen/broken off my nails (except for one). My nails are not pink anymore, they are white. I feel like something is missing, and I have lost part of myself. I ask someone the time, and all of a sudden we are in a different time zone, and I am told it is 9:30pm. I have not eaten all day. I am sitting in a waiting area on a couch, and someone gives me two tiny bottle of essential oils and healing energy. I place them in a tiny coin purse,and I set them on the table in front of me. It is now time to go eat. I get up to go to the restaurant, and my balance and my vibration feel off to me. I am a little dizzy. This guy that I know from my community comes over to walk with me, and I tuck my arm into his to help me walk. All of a sudden the guy disappears, and then I realize that I had forgotten my tiny little purse with the healing energy and the essential oils in them. I feel lost as if something is missing and that I cannot continue without this tiny little purse. It also has instructions on how to get to the restaurant. I have no idea where the restaurant is. Then I remember that the restaurant is on the 3rd or the 5th floor, so I get in the elevator. We are going up. We are ascending higher. A friend is in the elevator, and I ask her why she has all this white around her mouth. Suddenly, I am filled and surrounded with an intense amount of bright yellow energy along with some green energy. The elevator door opens, and I find the restaurant. It’s time to eat. I also get my little purse back.


I look up the number 5, since it was the higher number. It is the link between heaven and earth.
Number 930 is an angel number.
I am ascending when I am in the elevator. In the elevator, the woman whose mouth is covered in white energy, I have a sense that God is communicating through her, and that is when I am suddenly filled with the intense yellow energy of light. Yellow is our deeper consciousness. Being bathed in this yellow light, to me, means  paving the way to a path of higher understanding and mystical awareness. For me, it means Ascension. The green is healing as well.  I feel excited.
My acrylic nails falling off could be my facade and the protective barriers falling away from me. I felt like something was missing after they fell off, but I was not concentrating on them. I was hungry and wanting to eat, which means I wanted to nurture myself.
I received a gift of essential oils and healing energy that I placed in the little purse, but then I left it behind. I was worried about what direction to go in. I believe the healing energy had already entered my vibration, and then I ascended to a higher place anyway.
 I feel genuinely blessed and excited that God’s divine loving energy came to me, and I still feel him in my heart/chest area.
What is my next step in ascending to a higher vibration in all aspects of my life? What else is God trying to tell me?
To continue working with the divine loving energy of God in my dreams in ascending to a higher vibration in all areas of my life.