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I have been having problems lately with feeling well rested when I wake up in the morning. I know my dream guides are working on me pretty intensely while I sleep these days. I also have a sense that I might be astral traveling, and that is why I do not feel well rested when I wake up in the morning. I took 3mg of Melatonin  before I went to bed last night, which is a lot for me, since I am only 4’10” and very petite,  I then  programmed my dreams last night with Archangel Raphael and the Virgin Mary asking them for at least 8 hours of really good industrial healing sleep and to heal me of my problems with sleep and also for healing in any area of my life that needs to be healed.  I also asked my dream guides  o help me to capture and remember their messages and healing energy. I had many little dream bites early this morning, and I feel foggy from the Melatonin this morning.


In my dream bites, I am aware that I took Melatonin before I went to bed last night. I am either on a cruise ship or in a very large hotel. I can only partially open my eyes and focus in the morning due to taking the Melatonin; so I stay in bed. It is morning, and I need to get up. There is a lot going on around me. I cannot seem to focus and figure out my phone.  I cannot even find my phone. I need to check my email, and my messages. There is someone there who can fix whatever is wrong with my phone, but I am having trouble focusing. I decide to go find the bathroom without fixing my hair or brushing my teeth.  I am also barefooted as I walk down the hall to find the public bathroom. At first I cannot figure out how to lock the bathroom door, so I decide to keep it unlocked. I turn around, and all the toilets are being repaired with rope etc, in the bowls. I then go in search of another public bathroom this time with my shoes on, and someone points me in the direction of another bathroom. I eventually find it.  I then order food to take back to my room. This guy stops me, and he wants to know what I ordered. I am embarrassed that I did not fix my hair. and I even say that to him. He looks at the bowl of food, which has turned into mush, and he tells me that this is not good for me. I agree with him, and I throw it away. I then get a very long subway sandwich. I end up in a room with a large group of people praying and singing religious songs. I say hello, and I leave.

In another dream bite, I am driving my car, and I am turning left at an intersection. A man falls down on the other side of the intersection (where the cars would turn right), and another man goes to rescue him. My car will not move when I hit the gas. There is no power in the gas, so I am stalled.


Being in a hotel or cruise ship shows me that I am on my healing journey, and I also believe that I am astral traveling in this dream due to the fact that my hair was not combed, and that I was embarrassed to be seen in public that way.  Since I have been having trouble feeling well rested after sleeping, my chosen dream guides are working with me in my dreams to heal me. I now realize that I have been astral traveling in all my dreams lately, which is why I am not feeling well rested in the morning. Trying to locate the bathroom is my desire to release what I need to release in order to heal my tired feeling and also to heal my life. The toilets being out of order for me means obstacles in letting go of what I need to let go in order to have a rested sleep and also to move forward in my life. My dream guides are  working on healing me.  The man that I ran into in my search for the bathroom I believe was Archangel Raphael, and he is telling me that I am eating the wrong foods, and that is bad for my digestive system (which I know). Since I also programmed my dreams with the Virgin Mary as well, I came across a room where people were praying and singing, so she was showing me that she was there. They were praying for me.

The man falling on the other side of the street  shows me that my chosen dream guides were trying to get my attention.  Another man saved him. My car stalled as I was attempting to hit the gas to turn left.  The gas pedal was not working.  Perhaps they are wanting me to go in a different direction, or perhaps I am afraid to move forward.

The question for myself is “What direction should I be going in that would be beneficial for my healing journey”? I will program my dreams with Archangel Raphael and The Virgin Mary tonight to continue on my healing journey.