Last night, I programmed my dreams with my Guardian Angel and Mr. Sandman (for uninterrupted sleep) to heal me of whatever trapped emotions that I am carrying in my body with the intention  that it would be a continuation of my dreams from the night before.


Before, I share my dream, I have to share that yesterday I was reading the book “The Emotion Code – How To Release Trapped Emotions For Abundance, Health, Love And Happiness”  By Dr. Bradley Nelson. I was reading the part where magnets are used to heal trapped emotions. Dr. Nelson talked about Nikken Magnets, but regular household magnets could be used as well. I was fascinated by what I was reading.  I also asked my Guardian Angel to take me to a higher level of awareness in my dreams last night.


I woke up from a dream; and when I looked at the clock it was 3:33am. In the dream, I am floating high up in the atmosphere looking down on the resort where I live.  I feel my healing energy, and I also feel very powerful.  I am not only healing myself,  I am sending healing energy to the resort where I live. Wow, I was actually Astral Traveling.  I dream journal my experience, and then I then I go back to sleep.

I woke up again around 6:30am from the following dream: I am discussing using magnetic therapy to heal the pain in my lower back and possible elsewhere on my body with my chiropractor, my physical therapist  and my facial person. In fact, in my dream, I had ordered Nikken Healing Magnets discussed in the book The Emotion Code. I also had some refrigerator magnets in my hand. I was telling them that this could heal the pain in my lower back.


Waking up and seeing that the clock says 3:33am shows me that my Guardian Angel was lighting my path in my dreams last night. My Guardian Angel took me to a way higher level then I have ever been before, and I am floating in my dream way above the resort.  I feel light yet very powerful. I am not only healing myself, I am sending healing energy to the resort (and possible certain people there as well. I have a sense that I was astral traveling.

In the second part of my dreams, I get the message  loud and clear that I need to look into Nikken Healing Magnets for healing my trapped emotions. I will also be discussing healing magnets with my physical therapist today.  I have suspected for quite awhile that the pain in my lower back is trapped emotions.


Last night, I asked my Guardian Angel to take me to a higher level of awareness. Can I go any higher? Should I? There is a little fear there when I think about going higher  beyond my comfort level. How high can I go? Is it safe?


I will continue to work with my Guardian Angel in my dreams with the focus on going to a higher level of awareness  and still being in the light. I will also work in my dreams on freeing myself of my  trapped emotions. I actually ordered Nikken Magnets from Amazon this morning, and they will be arriving on Wednesday.


I went to my physical therapist today. She is in the same office as my Chiropractor. My physical therapist was fascinated by the magnets and trapped emotions that she is going to do some research on it, and perhaps add it to her practice. The other physical therapist was quite knowledgeable about the theory of trapped emotions. My Chiropractor knew who Dr. Nelson is and his work with energy. He said that the magnets would help the pain, but he was doubtful it would release the trapped emotions. We shall see. I believe in my dream work, and I know I am making progress. I can safely say that I had a prophetic dream.