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Dear Goddess Lakshmi,  Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Please work with me in my dreams tonight  in helping me to lucid dream, so that I can take action in my dreams to shift into a wealthy mindset and wealthy thoughts, so that I can come from a place of abundance and receive and accept  great spiritual and material wealth in the most amazing and surprising ways that will recognize and remember through the dreams and messages that I receive from you. .


I live upstairs, and I am sitting down in a chair. All of a sudden someone bumps into me as she is sitting down behind me. I thought it was rude.  I turned around, and I begin to tell this person off for bumping into me so rudely. Suddenly I  realize that it is Barbara Walters who is sitting behind me and who bumped into me. I am very surprised, and I apologize profusely. She is not bothered by it, and we began to talk. She tells me that she likes my car, and that is very neat and clean. Later, I ask someone to bring my luggage upstairs, because I did not want to walk downstairs. He brought it up.


Before she retired, Barbara Walters was very a famous rich and famous American Broadcast Journalist, author and TV personality who hob knobbed with the rich and famous by interviewing them and bringing their stories to light.  For me to be bumped into by Barbara Walters in my dream, means that I connected with the energy of wealth, fortune, prosperity and notoriety. I remember sitting on a higher level while we were speaking, which to me means that Goddess Lakshmi is working on me in my dream to raise me to a higher vibration. My luggage was downstairs in the car. Since I did not want to go downstairs to a lower vibration,  I asked this gentleman to go downstairs and get my luggage. He brought it up. Even my emotional baggage from the past was brought up to a higher vibration.

To be continued……

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