The Nurturing Goddess with her nurturing God

As women, we are all nurturing Goddesses in every sense of the word, but there are times when we might hide our inner nurturing Goddess when our Goddess does not feel wanted, nurtured, loved and cherished. Discovering the nurturing Goddess within us can be one of the most exciting aspects of ourselves to cherish, but it is also a challenge to keep her alive and awake inside us in every way. When the nurturing Goddess is OUT, we are expressive, open, communicative, alive, sensual, uninhibited, excited and nurturing. Connecting to our inner nurturing Goddess is a feeling of connecting to our heart; in other words, falling in love with our selves.  It is a feeling of  “air flowing through the heart”. It is also my absolutely goal to bring out the God within my partner.

I was married very young, and I divorced quite young. That marriage took away my trust in expressing the nurturing Goddess within me. I have been single for a very long time. I am used to living alone. Although I do enjoy my own company,  there are times when I feel that the Goddess in me needs to be nurtured, loved, cherished and cared for.

There are actually 2 aspects of  me. One aspect of me embraces the “staying a single Goddess” side of life, and exploring the adventures of my soul wherever that may lead me in the dream state and in the physical world. 

There is also the aspect of me that wants to experience and feel a deep connection to a man who allows the nurturing God within him to come out and play; and in doing so allows the nurturing Goddess in me to come out and play. Love,  intimacy and connection thrives on all lines of communication being open. Keeping the lines of communication open is essential in keeping the  nurturing God and Goddess alive in a relationship.    When the communication lines are open,  the Goddess in me feels cared for, cherished, wanted, loved and desired. I then feel like my partner is nurturing my soul. It rekindles the aliveness with me, and I become the fulfilled excited Goddess wanting to give and nurture my partner in every way. 


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