Linda Kaye

Last night I did my dream programming with God, my Dream Guardians and Archangel Raphael  for deep healing and restorative sleep, and I also asked for help while I am sleeping and dreaming and while I am awake in removing the negative influences of Mercury In Retrograde on my finances, my business and my relationship with my brother in the most beautiful and wonderful ways that I will recognize and clearly remember. My brother and I are not close and we rarely talk.


Dream Segment #1-Two men have been selected to be the hosts of a radio show, and it looks like they are hosting the show on a bus. One of the guys is Kevin from this season of Big Brother. The only problem is that they have to be very very quiet and not bounce around too much when they are moving their equipment and stuff around; otherwise. there will be too much interference. At one point, the big boss comes in and says that they bounced around too much and knocked  one of the radio shows off the air for a short time.

Dream Segment #2

The handle pops off my refrigerator, and I cannot open the refrigerator to get the rice out that I just made the night before. Someone fixes the handle, but now I cannot close the refrigerator.  I look around, and suddenly there are 3 refrigerators in the kitchen. My mother (who has passed on) says to me “I would think that by now you would have purchased some new appliances”.  I ask her what she is doing with 3 refrigerators, but she does not answer me.  There is suddenly a party going on in the house with 3 refrigerators. The party is also outside, but I was not aware of the party going on outside until the party was over. Someone during the party brings me a little pink and purple furry kitten. She is laying on the table, and I keep trying to pet her, but she does not like it.


Dream Segment #1 – My brother and I are not close, and we rarely talk. This is represented by Big Brother in the dream. I am very  sad about issues between my brother and me. There has always been a lot of internal interference between my brother and me (radio show going off the air), but the interference has intensified with Mercury In Retrograde. We somehow have gotten “knocked off the air” for now (so to speak). The greyhound bus represents that I have no control over our situation, because he is appearing to be the one in control of our situation (not me).  I have tried to be the best sister I can be, and the best thing I can do for now is just be still and silent when it comes to him, and give our relationship to God.

Dream Segment #2 – For me, there are two ways to interpret this dream. The first interpretation is that my refrigerator is 13 years old. The drawers inside are stuck, and it is time to get a new one. My mother who passed away in 2011 is even telling me in my dream that it is time to get a new refrigerator. I have to laugh with the 3 refrigerators. Years ago, the handle fell off my microwave, which was part of the oven. My other brother took the handle to fix it, and he lost it. Somehow in the process I ended up with 2 other microwave ovens.  I remember my mother getting upset and wanting to take back her spare microwave.  I guess for awhile I was a microwave hoarder. Another way to interpret this dream is that my love life has been a little cold for awhile, and well I don’t have to mention the interpretation of the pink and purple kitty.


I feel like I am being guided in my dreams and while I am awake, so I will continue with the same dream programming as last night. Also, sometime this week, I will start shopping for the refrigerator of my dreams.