I love being a CERTIFIED GATEWAY DREAM COACH.  I received my GATEWAY DREAM COACHING CERTIFICATION through DENISE LINN. I not only get to coach my clients through their DREAMS, I get to coach myself through my DREAMS. Blogging is a huge part of my amazing dream healing journey.

Friday (3/11)  night, I programmed my dreams with my DREAM DOULA, my SOUL and GOD. I was experiencing feelings of being alone and  being very very single Friday night. I guess I was feeling sorry for myself. I shed a few tears, so I  asked for my chosen DREAM GUIDES to light my path to a long term committed relationship. . Click here to check out my DREAMERS GUIDE on my website, and while you are about it click on the link to my Kindle ebook, THE DREAMERS GUIDE TO CREATING THE SEXY JUICY SOUL MATE OF YOUR DREAMS.

In my DREAM RECALL, I dreamed of a bipolar woman who seemed to be afraid of this one guy, and she knew she was going to be around him. He seemed to be very moody, cold and aloof. Apparently, he was bipolar too. I told the guy that the woman was bipolar. I asked him to be kinder to her. because she was afraid to be around him. After I told him,  the man went out of his way to be loving and kind to her; and a softer side of himself came out. I have a sense that she felt safer and loved.

In my second DREAM RECALL, I was somewhere with some guy. He was supposed to take me home, but his behavior was very erratic. I was afraid of the anger inside of him. His anger was starting to show and spew out. I decided to take a cab home. For me, it was a safer alternative.

My question at first is WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT DREAM ABOUT? I am NOT bipolar. I was then suddenly inspired to draw a picture of the man and woman in my dream.

 In the picture, it is obvious to me that I am holding onto love and I am afraid to share it,. A man is trying to reach out. I always say that I want to be in a relationship, but then I am also afraid to be in a committed relationship.  Those are two POLAR OPPOSITE desires in conflict with eachother. I understand my dream so much more, since I drew it. This had to do with my marriage many years ago in which I felt trapped. His family tried to hide his “illness” from me. Due to the fact that I did not want to “see” it, I remained naive to their secrets and trickery. I discovered his “illness” and his “problems” once we were married. Now I worry that if I let my guard down, I might be tricked again into believing that nothing is wrong with him. I will continue to program my dreams and focus on healing from my past marriage. I am excited, because on March 4, I had a dream in which I KISSED a man with a BRIGHT RED LOVE TATTOO. Someone’s on his way. When is the question? Let’s see what my DREAM JOURNEY will bring me tonight.