Linda Kaye
Pink Chick Psychic & Certified Dream Coach


I was feeling  the energy of my inner God in my chest/heart area yesterday so strongly that I felt like HE had  important messages me.  I programmed my dreams with my inner God last night, and asked him to bring me loud and clear messages and divine guidance in my dreams and to also guide me in raising me to a higher vibration (particularly a higher wealth vibration) in a surprising way that I will recognize. I asked my inner God for his message  to be loud and clear.


In my dreams, I am either  looking for a job or being offered a job, but the woman tells me that I cannot wear low boots to work. I then see another woman in the same office who tells me that I have not filled out my application yet for a job. I take the application, and I tell her I will fill it out later. She tells me that I cannot wear boots to work, not even in the rain. She does not want to even see me carrying the boots into the office. The office has a lobby before you go upstairs, so I consider changing into regular shoes and putting the boots in a bag. She also has two toned hair, but the rule is that your hair has to be one color. I am in a bank, and I am looking through a large bay window. There is a man in a suite in the bank who gets excited when he sees the locksmith truck outside. He excuses himself to go outside for the locksmith’s services. There is this woman who works for the locksmith. I call her knowing that she is repressed or depressed. I hear loud gun shots over the phone, and I know she has shot and killed herself. I am trying to get through to the locksmith’s office to tell them that they had to unlock the door and get her out. I feel frustrated that I cannot get through to them on my cell phone. There was no dial tone. The previous call from having called that woman has not disconnected yet. I keep hanging up and picking up the phone. I use my home phone, but the number is not connecting. I eventually get a hold of the man in the locksmith’s office, but he does not believe me that she shot herself and that she is dead. We argue about it.  I am in a  living room with large bay windows, and I see beautiful pink fireworks on the horizon. 


In my dream, I am very upset that I am not allowed to wear boots. This feels like a deal breaker to me. I am also upset that no one will believe me when I tell them that the woman shot and killed herself, and that they need to unlock the door. When I am awake, I am initially worried that I am looking for a job? Why? Now that I have been awake for awhile, I am filled with joy for sticking to my guns, and being my own person. My boots are made for walking……

REALITY CHECK -. I am self employed and well established as a Love Psychic Medium, Reiki healer, Dream Healer and Dream Coach, but I am concerned with having more  financial security as I am getting older. There is no way that I would ever work in an office again. I march to my own beat, and I am a free spirit. I ONLY WEAR BOOTS IN THE RAIN. My hair is two toned- pink and red. I mostly wear sandals and open toed sandal heels.

DREAM INTERPRETATION –  Boots are sturdy and strong, and they can protect me in the rain (difficult financial times). Dream boots, for me, represent financial security.  I am being told that I cannot wear boots, and that is disturbing to my feelings of financial security.   I am in a bank, and I can see a locksmith through a big bay window. I call the woman who is affiliated with the locksmith, and I hear a series of gun shots over the phone. I sense that she was shot and killed.  That was a loud and clear message from my inner God. He was certainly trying to get my attention.  I feel like he is helping me to get rid of the old me, and to transform into the new improved me and going to a higher vibration. I was not upset that she was shot or that she shot herself,  but I was frustrated with the problems I was having with making the connection to unlock the door to more financial security, since the locksmith is connected to the bank. For some reason, I am stopping the flow and shutting it off, because I could not get a dial tone.  I see fireworks at the end. I believe that there is hope, and that I am in the process of freeing myself.


My Boots are made for walking, and they are going to walk all over you……. New Song – I ONLY WEAR BOOTS IN THE RAIN.


How can I  unlock the door to more of who I am and not hold back anymore?


Continuation of God’s guidance and messages in my dream journey of enlightenment. Ask for guidance in unlocking the door to more of who I am and to continue working on going to a higher vibration and to more financial security.