Yesterday, I did a youtube meditation to discover the gifts that were passed down from my ancestors to me, and my Ancestral Teacher showed me the gift of my psychic abilities, which I am very grateful for.  My Ancestral Teacher also showed me my power, something that I have always been afraid of. My psychic abilities, when I first discovered them, were so powerful that it frightened me. Somehow, as I got older, I found a way of using my psychic abilities without feeling like they were controlling me.  In the process, I pushed down my power. Power comes in all forms.  I do believe in one of my past life and also my ancestors might have used them for bad. I have always vowed to use my psychic gifts for good and to help people to grow and evolve.


Dear  Spirit of my Ancestors and my Ancestral Teacher. Please come into my dreams tonight while I am sleeping soundly and continue to help me in breaking free of the chains of poverty, scarcity and isolation passed down in my family lines from generation to generation, so that I can feel like I am enough, and so that I can open up my heart to romantic love and attract the perfect right soul mate to me for a permanent relationship  and to increase the flow of abundance, prosperity to me BECAUSE I AM ENOUGH. 


As I was waking up,  it felt like I was in a swampy area. I was shown a guy I used to date from way back in my young adult years. I do not even remember his name. There were other guys from my past as well showing up. A huge bucket of water was being dumped on them, and they were disappearing.


This dream felt like these men were disappearing from my  history of choosing emotionally unavailable men. Perhaps this means that my pattern of choosing emotionally unavailable men is being cleared out of my vibrations, and just maybe my Ancestral Teacher and the Spirit of My Ancestors  are healing me. I know somehow deep within my being that I have chosen to stay single, because of past issues in my childhood and a very early marriage when I was not even out of my teens yet. This is now appearing as me isolating myself and keeping me alone. I believe in the power of my Spirit Ancestors and My Ancestral Teacher to heal me through my nightly dream journeys! Thank you! I am grateful!


Once again, I picked the YIN card from the Wisdom Of The Oracle Card Deck. I picked it yesterday too. This card represents the feminine art of conscious allowing. It is telling me that that all that I desire-love, abundance and prosperity-is coming to me; and I do not have to do anything. I just have to practice “conscious allowing” in order for love, prosperity and abundance to flow to me. I need to make space for miracles to happen, and just wait for all that I desire to come to me.