Dear God and Archangel Raphael.  Please help me to have beautiful gentle healing dreams tonight, and surround my body, mind, soul and spirit with your light and whatever healing energy that you feel I need  to live a healthy, happy, loved and prosperous life with who you feel is my twin flame. Help me to capture and remember the healing energy and  the angel messages that I receive in my dreams from you tonight and in the early morning hours in the most gentle, loving and beautiful ways that I will clearly recognize and clearly remember.


All I remember about my dream was that it was all about traveling with a group of people and us working through the logistics of it all. I also remember feeling very very cold, so I woke up. I was not cold when I woke up prematurely around 1;30ish, and I was never able to fall back to sleep again. 


I wonder if the energy that God and Archangel Raphael were sending  through me made me feel cold. I could have been going through an energy shift. It could have been their way of letting me know they were sending healing energy through me.  It startled me, so I woke up. 

Crusing could represent the healing and the spiritual  spiritual journey that I am on, because ships are on water. Water is cleansing.  I do also love going on singles cruises, and I am going  to start planning out cruises for 2019. 

Waking up at around 1:30ish is some kind of message from my angels. They are definitely trying to get my attention.

What I do know is that in these last couple nights I have been receiving a lot of healing energy, which has kept me up half the night. For tonight I am going to ask  for deep restorative healing sleep through the night and protection from the negative aspects of Mercury in Retrograde. This has been a touch Mercury In Retrograde for me so far. Thank God it goes direct on April 15 just in time for tax day.