I continued on my dream healing journey by programming my dreams with God, Archangel Raphael (for healing) and Archangel Ariel (for abundance & prosperity).  I asked them to help me to experience  oneness with my divine source in the most surprising , exciting and  profound ways that I will recognize. I also asked that they please continue to heal me in my dreams  in the continuation of experiencing a paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance. I also asked them to please guide me in creating an exciting juicy sexy love life,  in saving more money for greater financial security and for traveling more extensively.


Dream Snippet #1 – I am on some kind of journey in the city. I decide not to take my car, because of the hassles driving in traffic. I am trying to catch a bus, and I am asking people which bus to take and which route to take to get to my destination. Do I need to stay on the same side of the street or cross the street? Which direction should I go in.  I see the bus coming, but I do not have the memory of getting on the bus.

Dream Snippet #2 – I am in a restaurant with my friend, Ed, and he wants to meet someone that I am currently not wanting to communicate with. She is on the other side of the restaurant looking at her phone.  I approach her not really wanting to communicate with her, and I ask her if she wants to join us. She says yes, and she follows me to the table.

There were more dream snippets, but they disappeared when I woke up. I feel like these were the dream snippets that my chosen dream guides wanted me to remember.


I know that the bus represents my chosen dream guides for the night – God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raphael. I am waiting for them to guide me in the direction that I need to go in. Did I get on the bus? I am pretty sure I did, because I  asked for guidance in my dreams last night.

As far as the second dream segment, that could be a precognitive dream.


To continue on my dream healing journey.